Passion on Pause, Press Play

Is your Passion on Pause, Press Play?

Play is a funny word if you think in terms of VCR’s and DVD players versus the act of playing.  It is even funnier when you pair it up with a concept like Passion.

I think a lot of people suffer from a misdiagnosed passion problem.

Most people as they get older lose touch with their passion and believe their passion has become a lost cause.

I am suggesting possibly their passion is merely on pause.

Being my day job is in the audio visual production industry this metaphor should be a slam dunk for me.

Were talking about Passion being like the media in your CD player or DVD Player.  It is the music or the movie you play for enjoyment.

What happens when you press pause.  It holds the music or enjoyment at a certain spot.  That is right where you left off.  To get it started again you just press play.  Nothing fancy, nothing overly technical.  Just press the stinking play button.

I am suggesting you merely need to Press Play to get your passion and enjoyment started again.

So back to the word “play,” and one more metaphor, isn’t play something you do for enjoyment.  You play with your toys.  You play with your friends.  You play with Passion.

That is right.  Play is the answer to your Passion problems.  Press Play.

If you need some help finding your Passion Play button checkout The Personal Passion Project.

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