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Well, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) Tell me, who are you? (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) ‘Cause I really wanna know (Who are you? Who, who, who, who?) OK, now that I have successfully infected your brain with “The Who’s” classic song “Who Are You” I need your help. One of my passions in life is... read more

The Secret of 82 Inches – Newsletter Archive

Featured Article from last months newsletter.  Join my newsletter list to receive the most current inspirations. (Click Here)   The Secret of 82 Inches Actually, I am not sure if it is really “A Secret” or just a really fun story I wanted to share about “The Secret” and “The Laws of Attraction.” Stop the Presses…Turn off your judgment meters right now!  I haven’t even... read more

Take Two Steps Back

The thing I love about inspiration is often it is not linear. This morning I was reading the book “The Four Agreements.” (Affiliate Link) Being a self proclaimed self-help junkie, I must admit I remember loving this book back in 1997 when it was originally released and I have not spent even a few moments in recent years considering the power of its message. I am only on the first chapter and... read more

Confess and Unleash, The Secret Power of Acknowledging Your Dreams

I should be paying you. I mean, I learn so much from coaching my clients and my blog readers, I am grateful for what I learn during the coaching process. (In lieu of money I do offer quantum leaps for life and business). Being in the early phase of my business I am doing a lot of “Strategy & Focus” sessions with prospective clients.  I have been noticing a very interesting trend. I am learning... read more

Inaugural “Inspiring People” Podcast Featuring Sam Wilder

Special thanks to Sam Wilder of Positive Magazine for being my guinea pig as my first guest on the “Inspiring People” podcast. I hope you take the time to listen into our interview about everything Positive. Click Here for the... read more

The Coach Me Button, Not To Be Confused With The Easy Button

I Dare You to Click! Complimentary Coaching Session What would you prefer, an Easy Button or a Results Button? If you prefer the latter stick with me.  If you prefer the prior you can head to Staples or buy a lottery ticket. The “Coach Me!” concept is something that I have been developing over the last few weeks.  It started as a simple link on my websites.  I needed a place to explain my... read more

Who Is A Sacred Soul?

Not Me! At least that was my answer for the last 39 years of my life.  I had never even considered the fact that I might be a sacred soul or an important person.  I had created a belief about life that my worth comes from what I do and otherwise I have no intrinsic value. Now that is a pretty drastic statement, I have “No Intrinsic Value.”  Meaning my value is based on what I do or bring to... read more

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