Leaving Your Mind Fallow

One of the best ways to boost your creativity is by creating a little space.  In today’s “Over Information Age” we are bombarded with posts, articles, videos, status updates and sp^m.  Our cups runneth over and all the info is going down the drain. I suggest the semi-modern concept of leaving your “Fields Fallow.”  Farmers learned a long time ago that if you plant the same... read more

“Living The Dream” or “Your Dream?”

A few weeks ago I spoke at Ignite Cincinnati on the Topic of “Bring Yourself to Work Day, The World Needs the Real You!” During my speech preparation I was playing around with the concept of “Living the Dream.”  “Living the Dream,” on the outside seems like a positive message but has increasingly become a snarky and sarcastic mantra in Corporate America and society in... read more

Inspiring People #3 – Rich Vos – Audio Link

Thanks Rich for sharing your passion today on the Inspiring People Podcast. I am pumped up to collect some “Stories” for my deathbead today! “A Million Dollars doesn’t buy you time or stories!” Rich Vos Audio Link – Click Here Crossfit Hustle – Click Here – Be sure to sign up for Rich’s newsletter. Crossfit Facebook Fan Page – Click... read more

Energetically Speaking

Public Speaking is one of the absolute best ways to grow a service business or any business for that matter. Wait for it…you know what my next line is and; “unfortunately Public Speaking ranks up with Death on things that people most fear.” So, back to the first sentence paraphrased; “Public Speaking is a Great Way to Grow Your Business,” and since people are so afraid of it... read more

Ride the Bull

I have been noticing a theme lately with my small business clients.  They have this belief if only someone else could handle my sales.  If someone else could make the tough calls.  If someone else could______________.  Fill in the Blank. I am going to let you in on a little secret.  Nobody gives a shit about your business like you do and they will never be as effective as you.  These items you are... read more

Confused About Your Passion?

Are you confused about your passion? If this is you, I have some interesting insights for you today. First you are not confused but afraid.  Afraid to admit your real goal or real dream. I know that is pretty arrogant of me to tell you that you are not confused and I am OK with that. Start here, If money and time were not an issue what would you do? But time and money are an issue…just answer the... read more

Inspiring People Podcast #2 – Mike Monahan – Recording Link

It’s not everyday you get to interview your “Dear Old Dad.”  As my Dad often says, “I am a blessed man,” meaning almost everyone is looking for a role model or a hero, so much so they often settle for sports figures, celebrities and rock stars.  I on the other hand am one of the lucky ones.  I have access to a fabulous father and role model. I could not be more excited for... read more

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