How to Make Friday Great

5 Ways to Make Friday Great Donuts, Bagels, Cookies and or Coffee.  Buy a dozen for your clients…better yet your coworkers. Give out 5 compliments by noon. Smile at 3 people by 10am Drive slow and let people merge in traffic Give 10 hugs by 2pm This post is also compatible with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. read more

“Day Job” The Dirtiest Words in the Blogosphere

If it wasn’t for my Day Job! Lets face it.  You probably have a “Day Job” and yes I have one too. I bet you have dreamed about a new and better job.  You know one of those hip and fun jobs like: Personal Coach, Massage Therapist, Blogger, Writer, Author, Secret Shopper, Travel Writer and Independent Business Owner (i.e. Multi Level Marketing) to name a few. In fact you might not even... read more

What’s So Special About 100

Besides 1 Million and a Google you just can’t beat the number One Hundred. Did I forget about Ten.  Ten is alright but it doesn’t have any where near the number of nicknames as 100. AKA a Hondo, a Benjamin, Century, 10 Squared and C for my Roman subscribers.  However you say it 100 is cool.  In fact 100 is so cool people are intimidated by it.  Just shy of 100, 99 over the years has given... read more

Google Docs, My Blogging Buddy

Besides my addiction to notebooks and notepads, I have an addiction for Google Tools.  One of my favorite Google Tools is Google Docs.  Google Docs is a free web based word processor.  It has most of the features of Microsoft Word and has a few other benefits Word cannot offer.  Those benefits include online collaboration, sharing and search capabilities to name a few. If you are addicted to ideas like... read more

Get Out of the Way, I Get to Take Out the Garbage!

Seth Godin, covers a topic my “Dear Old Dad” has been covering for years.  The difference between “Get to!” and “Have to.” Seth’s take is the classic shift of attitude,  seeing the task as an opportunity versus a drudgery. My father Mike Monahan of Life Success Seminars, also teaches in his seminar about “Get to” versus “Have to.” He... read more

Is Your Blog in a Recession?

A “Blog Recession” is when you do not post to your blog on consecutive days equal to your average weekly posts minus seven times two. Blog Recession Formula: My blog is 19 Weeks old and I have 48 posts. Average weekly posts equal 2.53 posts per week. 7 – 2.53 = 4.47 4.47 x 2 = 8.94 days. Therefore, if I do not post for 8.94 days my blog is in a recession. In fact I did not post to my... read more

Simple Attraction, Laws of Symbolism

Long before I was introduced to the “Laws of Attraction” or Oprah outed “The Secret.”  I was introduced to a concept called visualization.  Visualization generally associated with meditation and is a technique for getting in touch with your goals and desires. After getting into a meditative state, you visualize in your mind your goal.  The more clearly you can visualize your... read more

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