We Should Say I More Often, Change Your Life Now

We should find somebody to organize the warehouse. We should find somebody to update our marketing materials. We should find somebody to speak at our next fundraiser. We should find somebody to head up that committee. We should find somebody to streamline our processes. We should find somebody who can organize our files. We should find somebody to get our blog off the ground. We should find someone to... read more

Less Than Perfect, I Will Take it Any Day

I bet you will start you next big project when you get the right experience. I bet you will embark on you next big dream when the timing is right. I bet you will start your blog when you have enough time. I bet you will start playing guitar when you get hired by a band. I bet you will write that resume after you get that new job. I bet you will make that phone call when you get the courage. I bet you will... read more

You Don’t Need to Prove to Me You are Beautiful

Hey, I was just wondering who is reading? Who? I have been writing now for nearly 6 months and I must admit sometimes it feels like I am talking to a wall. I really do yearn a conversation here at Expert in the Rough. If you are a regular reader I would appreciate it if you dropped a comment.  Click on the comment link at the bottom of this post. While your at it feel free to promote yourself, blog or... read more

1 Post plus 10 Visitors Equals 3 Babies.

10 People stopped by my website yesterday.  I am not sure who they are.  I do know they were on Drew Rozell’s website first, thanks to my Google Analytics, which gathers way too much information.  I average around 15 visits to my website a day so this was an unusual circumstance. When I saw this my heart pitter-pattered a bit.  Maybe Drew, my former personal coach and somebody I look up to, may... read more

Permission to Fail Tour 09, Tickets on Sale Now!

The attached ticket grants the holder Permission to Fail in 09! Facsimiles, Copies, Torn, Wet and/or Counterfeit Versions of this ticket are acceptable for entrance into this Down Economy.  Watch CNN & FoxNews for tour updates.  This tour WILL be coming to your town. It’s inevitable The Down Economy, The Recession and The Great Depression Revisited are coming to a town near you in 2009. ... read more

What Bloggers & Marketers Can Learn from Pumpkins

What can you learn from a Pumpkin? Last week I was out picking up lunch for my wife and I passed a “farmers market” selling pumpkins.  Alright, I admit it was not much of a “farmers market” it was the strip mall’s parking lot.  But a real farmer had a trailer load of some great looking pumpkins. 50 cents a pound was a little steep but these were “round hard walled... read more

HubSpot Wins my 100th Twitter Follower Contest

Recently I ran a contest on Twitter.  I offered 100 Word Promo to my 100th follower on Twitter.  I find it rather interesting that a Social Media Company ended up being my 100th follower. For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, it is basically summed up as a Micro-Blogging platform limited to 140 character length blog posts.  This seems like a ridiculous format but it has become the rage of the... read more

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