The Curious Case of 2008

2008 will go down in the books as a curious year. The United States of America is experiencing some of its most defining moments.  We are marking a new era with our first African American President Elect and experiencing an economic mess created by greed and gluttony. I find myself in a curious place.  2008 was by far my most tremendous year, but much of the nation is facing tremendous challenges.  I... read more

When all else fails

When all else fails: Be yourself Be grateful Share your ideas Trust your gut Start over Keep pushing Say you’re sorry Call it a day Take a chance Tell your spouse you love him/her Show up with flowers Offer your seat Say a prayer Create a Don’t Stop Believing Play list for your I Pod Tell the Truth Bust out your air guitar Last but not least, check your pulse. If you got one, get on with your... read more

How to Predict the Future?

Have you ever wished you could predict the future? If so you are in luck.  It has been said, if you want to know where you will be in five years take a look at your life right now. In 5 years your life will be the sum total of your thoughts, actions and circle of influence. To predict your future take an inventory of your life right now. Have I taken the time to write down my goals? Do I have a mentor... read more

Game On, Expert in the Rough Joins Cincinnati Battle of the Bloggers

Shameless Promotion is the cornerstone of most successful blogs.  Expert in the Rough is no exception.  If you disagree about the shameless promotion bit, just humor me and read on. I figured I could do some good for those less fortunate and promote my blog Expert in the Rough in the process.  Hey, a win/win proposition or desperate proposition.  Either way you call it, somebody who is hungry is going... read more

Long Haul or Quick Fix

Have you asked yourself if you are willing to take the Long Haul? Truth is most of experience success via the Long Haul approach. Truth is most of us get distracted by the allure of the Quick Fix. Ask yourself what you love, try it out, if you truly love it the Long Haul actually is the preferred route. It’s like a never ending pint of Ice Cream. If you don’t want it to end you are probably on... read more

Jedi Mind Tricks, Practicing Life

One of my favorite writers/bloggers is Scott Ginsberg of “Hello, My Name is Blog,” his writing technique is what I call Jedi Mind Tricks. Scott’s approach to writing and life is re-framing the obvious. Today Scott discussed the idea of “What if You Practiced Everything.” Essentially, Scott’s point is if you re-frame your life as practice it takes the edge off and allows... read more

Be The One

Success is pretty easy. Be the one! Be the one: who picks up the trash who starts the company blog who organizes the team calls the CEO of your top prospect company who starts a non-profit helping somebody in need who identifies an under served market who polishes their public speaking at Toastmasters who takes additional writing classes who hires a personal coach to guide their career who updates their... read more

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