Service Made Simple, Just Add Corn

Happy Birthday to Me! Last week I celebrated my 38th birthday.  My wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I really love parties and entertaining, but I have become bored with the eat, talk and get fat format.  Instead  I suggested we host a “CornHole Tournament.” For those of you not from the Cincinnati area I assure you “CornHole” is not what you think.  CornHole is... read more

Starting from Scratch is a Myth

Starting Over is not Starting from Scratch. If you are finding yourself in a pinch and starting over don’t confuse it with starting from scratch. Starting from scratch implies you have nothing. Starting over leaves room for more. Starting over is time to channel Rod Stewart’s lyrics “I wish that I knew what I know now, When I was younger.” “Do Over!” It’s been... read more

Some A Day I Will Be Ready

So many talented people I know wait until they are ready to start something new. My question is how can you be ready unless you start? It’s the proverbial chicken before the egg question. My belief is the only way you will be ever ready to start is if you actually take the plunge and start today. Starting today allows you to build confidence, experience and momentum. Not starting today builds fear... read more

No Answers Here

Answers are boring! Questions are living! Change your life on a dime, instead of looking for answers, start looking for questions What can you do to change the world? read more

Tell Me Something Good

Howdy, They say the key to life is an “Attitude of Gratitude.” Tell Me Something Good about your life. Share it right here.  It’s a great way to start your week. I am thankful I work for a company that is doing well in this tough economy. I am thankful for a healthy baby girl 4 months old and all smiles. I am thankful for a beautiful wife who loves me dearly. I am thankful I am inspired... read more

Casting Call Today, Do You PK Promo

Pecha Kucha Cincinnati is promoting its upcoming event by producing a video. We need  That’s right, you heard me, PRONUNCIATORS! You only have to try to say the word “PechaKucha”, it will be quick and painless.  But since you’ve expressed interest in PechaKucha, we’d love it if you would put your face where your facebook is! D E T A I L S Lightborne Studios, 210 E. 14th... read more

Do You PK?

Do You PK? I do and so does Cincinnati!  Sleepy and conservative Cincinnati has joined the international movement known as Pecha Kucha Night. You are probably thinking Pecha Kucha, isn’t that one of the Pokémon characters and why is Cincinnati celebrating a “Pocket Monster?”  I don’t blame you for the confusion.  Pecha Kucha and Pokémon do have a common root as they are both... read more

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