Without a Shadow of a Doubt

“If I only had more time to follow my dreams,” is a common complaint I hear from folks who feel stuck between the world they have and the world they want. Sure, I could go into all kinds of rants about how this is just an excuse or how they need to re-prioritize their time, but I have a much simpler plan. First, accept the fact that you do not have the time to follow these dreams. Instead of... read more

Contribute Courtesy – Guest Post

Thanks to Richard Terpening for being the very first guest post on Expert in the Rough.  Read on. What can I contribute to Society? -Make a contribution to my favorite organization. -Donate things I no longer need to the local mission. -Donate blood -Volunteer my time to the community. After a trip to my local shopping center, I discovered a simple suggestion. Contribute Courtesy An effective display of... read more

21 Days of Breakfast – Success is Mine

Over the 4th of July weekend my wife and I put together a plan to train for a Triathlon (Not an IronMan) in October.  Part of the plan included fitness and conditioning and part of the plan included a healthy diet (for me mostly), she already eats healthy.  Part of my plan was eating a high protein low fat breakfast everyday. After the Holiday my wife and I stocked up on supplies for the week and my... read more

Tell Me About Yourself

I have been blogging over a year now and for the most part it feels like an outbound experience.  My goal has been to share a little bit of myself and hope that you might find some gems of  widsom or ideas you can use in your life.  They always say it is better to be interested than interesting so tell me a little about what makes you tick. I know many of my readers get my blog posts via Facebook so you... read more

Independence Day – Reality Check

The story of the day is Americans are staying home to celebrate Independence Day due to the economic conditions. Vacations, fireworks shows and celebrations have been canceled or scaled back.  For some this may be discouraging but I find it refreshing. Americans have been spending money they do not have for a long time and a dose of responsibility is what this nation needs to rebound. In my sheltered... read more

Share What You Know

If you are at a loss on what you can do to impact the world, do not fret. I have a very simple solution. Share What You Know! It does not matter how simple or silly the idea or need.  The world is just looking for somebody to share their wisdom. Formalize it and turn it into a blog. Here are some ideas: Teach someone how to change their motor oil. Teach someone how to set up a Gmail Account Teach someone... read more

Music to My Years

It’s been said music can take you places and for me music takes me back to places in my heart and mind. I can being driving in my car and before you know it I am on a bus en route to the big wrestling match as the “Lunatic Fringe” blares on my radio. “Benny and the Jets” and I am jumping on the couch in the living room with my sisters.  “Betty Davis Eyes” and I am... read more

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