10 Any-Things, Duh!

Howdy all, in case you didn’t know it my life changed 16 months ago when my daughter was born.  I would like to write longer and more researched blog posts but I have to fit them in during unpredictable length naps, my creativity seizes up with the pressure of hoping I can finish before Ella wakes. Since I still have the desire to share and connect you will, you will have to live with what sh*t I... read more

3 Point Inspiration

I attend one of those “Megachurches,” …..The Cincinnati Vineyard Community Church. Besides their mission “To Love the people of Cincinnati into a relationship with God,” the Vineyard strives to be a relevant source for people to develop their faith. I had an inkling todays message would tie into Super Bowl Sunday.  I was right today’s message “Get in the... read more

The ERfect Success Strategy

Is perfection holding you back.  I propose the “ERfect” Strategy.  Whatever your goal add “ER” to it. In 2010 I am going to be: Healthier Slimmer Calmer Quieter Greener You get the idea. Instead of focusing on perfection focus on ERfection. read more

Thought Provoking

A self proclaimed “Self Help Junkie,” I have read just about every “self help” book under the sun.  You know, the classics….Think and Grow Rich, PsychoCybernetics, The Road Less Traveled, The Power of Positive Thinking and don’t get me started with “self help crack” Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books.  Yes, I think I have read them all and I am... read more

What is Your Story…..Dreams, Goals, Life in 2010

What is Your Story? As many of you approach the new year you might be inclined to take on a tradition suspect in its  success… “New Year’s Resolutions.” I am a huge fan of the “MashUp” and thought we could team up a tradition with a technique. The art of storytelling is a technique of master public speakers.  Just as pictures are worth a thousand words a story or a... read more

What I Have Learned in 2009

Whenever I find myself with writers block or “judgmental blog post syndrome” I remind myself to just write about something simple and true. What can be more true than just sharing an experience, opinion or observation? I will save you an exhaustive list but here is what comes to mind tonight. Raising a baby does get easier (don’t tell me about how it gets worse, I need hope right... read more

Inspirational Spring Cleaning

Blogging is an interesting recipe.  One part inspiration, one part obligation, one part guilt and a whole lot more work than you could ever imagine. The thing I like most about blogging is following an inspiration.  The part I hate is following inspiration and not being able to fully cook my inspiration.  The results of my half baked inspirations lay dormant in my WordPress and Google Docs as drafts or... read more

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