The Slam Dunk Approach

As a project manager in the audio visual production industry I am often faced with hundreds of decisions on each and every project. Often times I am faced with nuanced decisions.  A decision that might have both positive and negative consequences.  Some examples include;  A larger screen is better for viewing but might reduce the available space for seating.  A smaller crew might lower the budget but... read more

Live and Love

There are so few; yet so many things that truly affect me spiritually on any given day.  Hugh MacLeod the artist behind the GapingVoid cartoons truly inspires me. Just in case you have not heard of him I wanted you to experience his work. This is todays cartoon. Thanks to Hugh for being generous in his Creative Commons Licensing.  I am also thankful I have not found a way to monetize this blog which has... read more

The Essence of Joy

Last night I was playing with my daughter Ella.  Ella joined the world in October 2008 and she is pure joy. Ella loves to dance and play peek-a-boo.  Ella’s favorite game is playing chase.  I get on the floor and crawl around chasing her around the house.  She gets so excited she is beside herself her legs shake and she screams at the top of her lungs.  When I finally catch her she turns around... read more

The Blissful Ignorant

Sometimes I find myself jealous of those who have chosen the path of bliss.  Those people who live unaware and uninspired. Why is it important for me to be successful?  Couldn’t I have more fun boating and drinking?  How about a 9 to 5 job with no chance of promotion? Sometimes I wonder if chasing success and getting it is really just a booby prize.  Maybe a life of unawareness might be more... read more

What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar?

I have always heard it is not what you know but more importantly the questions you ask yourself. Back in the day people looked to prophets and philosophers for answers but today we have TV commercials. “What would you do for a chocolate covered ice cream bar?”, is the question for the 21st century.   That chocolate covered ice cream being….The Klondike Bar. I personally would do just... read more

Refrigerator Wisdom

30 pounds over my ideal weight most of my life focus has been on what is inside the refrigerator, over the weekend I took a step back and realized my refrigerator has more to offer than food. Here is a collection of quotes or inspirations right from the doors of my fridge. All of the inspirational nutrition I need right in front of my face and now available to be printed off for your refrigerator. A... read more

Bragging Right

Over the weekend I attended a seminar (Life Success Seminars).  One of the insights I took from the seminar is it is real easy to brag about our faults and forget about our successes. The word “brag” generally carries a negative connotation which leads many us to avoid sharing our successes.  I believe this social norm has contributed to us focusing on our negative qualities and forgetting... read more

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