Destination Passion

Last week I had the honor to interview my dear old Dad about his path and his views on passion.  Being the smart “arse” that he is he won’t mind the “old” jab, but kidding aside, my Dad had some great insights when it comes to passion. I have referenced my Dad – Mike Monahan in numerous posts but for my new readers, my father has been teaching Personal Growth Seminars... read more

I Have Been Fat for Too Long!

It’s almost Momentum Monday and I have been doing the Insanity DVD workout and diet for 1 week. I think a “WAHOO!” is in order. My wife and I were chatting on the way to dinner with my parents tonight about what I was going to eat. We were going to one of Cincinnati’s classic pizza joints, “Larosa’s.” Larosa’s has great food but lets get real... read more

The Personal Passion Project

Nearly 2 years in the making “The Personal Passion Project” is about to launch. Back in the summer of 2008 I had an epiphany of sorts.  My wife was around 6 months pregnant and I was experiencing something familiar or maybe unfamiliar. I was experiencing excitement.  It reminded me of when I was about to graduate high school or right before Megan and I were married.  I had something bigger... read more

Take Yourself to Work Day

Most of you have probably heard of the “Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Days,” it is a noble program aimed at introducing our next generation to the workplace.   There are numerous benefits to both the parents and their children around participating in this program but I wanted to share another concept. I am calling it “Take Yourself to Work Day.”  You are probably thinking... read more

Mini Place Holder

I must be approaching my mid-life crisis as I have decided a convertible is in my future.  I had been considering a motorcycle but a good friend reminded me that until my daughter is 18 a motorcycle is not an option.  I had to agree and I am sure Ella will too. I have been researching various convertible options over the last few months from MGB’s to Miata’s and have settled in on a Mini... read more

Leadership: Are You Prepared? – Mike Monahan

I am proud to share a keynote speech my father delivered at The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, 2010 Small Business Excellence Awards. I am lucky to have such a great resource, role model and father. Great Job Dad! Learn More About Mike Monahan & Life Success Seminars – Click... read more

Family Overtime

Recently I was in for my annual review with my employer.  They asked me to rate myself in a number of areas.  It was the typical elements of an employee review.  Rate myself on organization, creative problem solving, effectiveness, ability to lead, ability to work with others and timeliness. I must admit (brag), I was doing good in all areas but one.  The last one, timeliness.  I have noticed I have... read more

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