Offline Tips Continued

Today Seth Godin blogged on the idea of old world marketing versus the new tools available online.  This ties in well with my post yesterday about 7 Offline Ideas for Marketing your Business.

Email and internet tools can create the illusion of reaching a greater audience but often times these tools act as a shield or a shortcut to connecting with your customers or audience.

This week I was faced with a similiar challenge.  I started this blog in May and had a personal goal of 30 posts before I would launch it to my personal network.

I crafted a very personal email and was ready to send it out but sat on it for a day.  I shared it with a trusted friend and mentor and he mentioned it lacked the classic “WIFM” information.  Which is the eternal question we all ask,  “What’s in it For Me?”

I spent a little time thinking about what I was offering my audience and came to an epiphany.  My email would never be as effective as calling each and every person in my trusted network and sharing my new passion Expert in the Rough. I would never be able to recreate the personal connection I could create by phone or in person.

It’s going to take me a few weeks to make the calls so don’t be offended if you reading this post and have not heard from me.

Phone calls start today.

2 Responses to “Offline Tips Continued”

  1. Georgina,

    I have never heard YIFT. I love it. A new mantra for blogging.


  2. The WIFM is key in every proposal, I like the handy acronym. :) Phone calls definitely add the personal touch and communicate the kind of involvement that shows that YIFT (You’re In it For Them).