New Year’s DreamChicken

Group deal/coupon websites are all the rage, so far my favorite one is “DealChicken” but you are probably more familiar with Groupon.   I believe New Year’s Resolutions are kind of like “Groupon’s” for your dreams.

If you are unfamiliar with these group coupon websites the basic idea is the website strikes up deals with local businesses with outrageous deals like 50% coupons for services and products but only if enough people buy the coupon.  This seems like a win/win for everyone.  The website makes money, the business gains access to new clientele and the end client gets a great deal but I have heard a dirty little secret about this business practice.  The only one winning at this model is the coupon website.

What I have heard is the people buying the coupons are bargain hunters who often have no “Intention” of ever becoming regular customers of the small business. In addition, the increase in traffic often tasks the business and current customers become disgruntled with the businesses service quality being strained which leads to a similar experience for those finicky bargain hunters who also have a lack luster experience.  It’s a bad cycle and by the way most of these small businesses are losing money on each of these deals.

I feel like “New Year’s Resolutions” are very much the same racket except they just offer one deal per year.  If I were opening a daily resolutions company I could call it “DreamChicken” because that is what it really is…playing chicken.

New Year’s Resolutions are kind of like multi-level marketing.  They sell you on the dream but their record for results is very slim.  Why are you wasting your time with such a failed model. NYR degrade and cheapen your dreams.

Here is how NYR are similar to group coupons.  We all do it but we really have no “Intention” behind it.  Once we “Buy” or make the “Resolutions” that is often where the “Intention” ends.  Similar to group coupons they also put a strain on many people.  If you haven’t been working out or dieting all year what makes January 1st a better day to start, in fact its probably a bad day to start.  July 1st surely seams like a better day to put on my running shoes.

So, what’s a bargain dream hunter to do?

Find a new method.  I recommend getting clear what you want and creating a plan for success.  I also recommend doing it all year long.  Do it on a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday.  Do it on the 15th or the 23rd.  Make up your own New Year’s Day on June 4th or some other random day.

Seriously folks, I know very few people who have kept any New Year’s Resolutions for any length of time.  I can only honestly admit to one, “wearing my seatbelt,” and that one is a law.

Good Cluck on your Dreaming.

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