My Favorite Pet Peeves

My Favorite Pet Peeves….a redundant statement of favorite peeves, could it be?  A sickening list of things that bother me so much that I actually list them as my “Pet Peeves.”

Have you ever really stopped to think about what a “Pet Peeve” is?  A list of your favorite peeves.  I say that is just plain stupid but “There is gold in those hills.”

Sales and marketing experts advise that people have two primary buying motivations, Pain and Pleasure. That is the gold.  Address peoples “Pet Peeves” and you cover both their buying motivations.  Their Favorite pain in the rear is your ticket to the promise land.

Expert in the Rough Tip:

Create a list of Pet Peeves for your industry or passion.  Consult your customers or potential customer as to what their Pet Peeves are in regards to your industry.  Become the expert on the solutions around these peeves.

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