Music to My Years

It’s been said music can take you places and for me music takes me back to places in my heart and mind.

I can being driving in my car and before you know it I am on a bus en route to the big wrestling match as the “Lunatic Fringe” blares on my radio.

“Benny and the Jets” and I am jumping on the couch in the living room with my sisters.  “Betty Davis Eyes” and I am in the back seat of my Dad’s car with my little brother he is only 2 and it”s one of his favorite songs.  White Snake and “Here I Go Again” hosting a party while my parents are away for the weekend.  “Yankee Rose “at Myrtle Beach on vacation with my buddy Craig. “Come Away With Me” and my wife and I are dancing our first dance.

Over the years I have felt like the songs were the catalyst for these good times but I now believe the songs are merely a marker or reference for a good memory.

My I-Pod has become a trip down memory lane but maybe, just maybe, all of this nostalgia is holding me back.

Maybe the access to the music from my past has made me lazy.  As my life moves on I have less and less songs that impact me.

I think the predominant factor in this development is, as I get older I take on less challenges and socialize less.  If I look back most of the musical memories revolve around people and experiences.

BOOM, BOOM POW! Time to start living again!

One Response to “Music to My Years”

  1. Jenn says:

    funny how that works isnt……I came to this same realization about a year ago – and since then I have begun a new collection of memories to an amazing new soundtrack.