Mr. Obvious

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a leader is to pass up on the “Obvious” in an attempt to be “Profound.”  It’s an understandable mistake because often our treasured leaders are known for their profound messages.

What’s interesting is if you take a step back most leaders are sharing a simple and obvious message.  Their message is not technical but connectable. The obvious is what you know but refuse to do.  The obvious is what you aspire for but feel inadequate to achieve.  The obvious is where to start first.

Leaders are profound for reminding you about the obvious.  Leaders are profound for having the courage to state the obvious.

Seriously, give the obvious a try sometime you might be surprised how profound it is.

Shifting gears…I used to joke that being a coach is a lot like being Mr. Obvious, your job as a coach is to wake people up so they can hear what they already know inside.  So, on a less serious note I am sharing a  favorite comedy skit called “The Mr. Obvious Show” which is regular feature on “The Bob and Tom Show” a syndicated radio show.  For those who are familiar with Mr. Obvious this clip is appropriate for all audiences.  Enjoy.

 Mr. Obvious Link YouTube.







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