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This one will be short and sweet just like my lovely daughter Ella who inspired me to write this post.

Over the last few years I have read a number of books on childhood development.

  • When do you introduce solid foods?
  • When to start teaching ABC’s?
  • When to expect the first steps and the first words.

These are all classic development points in a child’s growth.

One that I have never seen listed in the books is walking in “Momma’s Shoes” better yet Momma’s High Heels.

My darling Ella has reached that special stage.  I must say there is not many things more precious and entertaining.  To clarify this stage is not limited to little girls.  I have seen or heard of many a toddler boy “exploring” their “High Heel” side.  The latter leaning towards hilarity.

You are probably wondering how in the world I am going to pull this one off.  I am convinced blogging and writing is just and endless stream of metaphor.  My goal is to inspire you to look at life differently and live the life of your dreams.

So, about “Momma’s shoes.”

While watching Ella prancing around the upstairs from room to room and hitting the floor as frequently as she took steps I noticed her enthusiasm and excitement never waned.  She continued to get back up on those heels.  Ella saw Momma’s Shoes as a challenge she was willing to take on.  Ella was completely oblivious to the results.  She was enjoying the ride, the journey.  It’s easy to forget the moment when you are focused on the destination.

I was thinking what ever happened to that kind of enthusiasm for my life.  I am sure many of you have had a similar path.  Life beats you down and you forget the joy of the journey.  You forget about the excitement of Momma’s Shoes.

There are so many paths I  can take with this metaphor but the one that is hitting home to me is about finding the joy in the journey.

Is it time to put on your “Momma’s Shoes?”

For the record, I cannot confirm or deny wearing my Momma’s Shoes but I can confirm a little nail polish and a couple of pierced ears.  Why a couple of pierced ears?  The right one was the wrong one when looking in the mirror.  Thanks to my sisters.

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