Momentum Mondays

Today is the first day of my weekly series, Momentum Mondays.


Each week I will post an assignment for you to complete by the following Monday.  The idea is to create momentum for you blog and internet presence.  I will be focusing on beginner to intermediate topics for now assuming most of my readers will fall into this category.  In the future I will start adding advance topics to the series.

Advanced Users

If my weekly assignment is something you have already accomplished, create a challenge for yourself and post a comment to the weekly Momentum Mondays’ post. If I feature your challenge on future Momentum Mondays I will give you credit and a link to a web url of your choice.  I will work on some better prizes as I get some momentum.

Opening Assignment

Create a blog.  Start at Blogger, it is one of the easiest websites to start a blog.  You may eventually abandon this blog but it will be a good training ground for you.

The benefits of a Blogger blog numerous.  It shows up in search results fast because it is owned by Google.  It is easy to set up.  If you already have a Google account you can simply use your Google account to get started.  If not no worries, you do not need a Google email address to open a blogger account.  However, I do recommend opening a Google Gmail account, the tools Google offers are invaluable and I expect you will eventually want an account after I cover all the powerful tools available via Google.

This blog does not need to be well thought out.  Just something you are interested in writing about.  You could simply start with a hobby.  The idea here is that you start to learn the structure of blogging.

After you have created your blog, post a comment below so I can see your work.

If you have any issues you can comment below and I will try to assist you in getting started.

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