Mini Place Holder

I must be approaching my mid-life crisis as I have decided a convertible is in my future.  I had been considering a motorcycle but a good friend reminded me that until my daughter is 18 a motorcycle is not an option.  I had to agree and I am sure Ella will too.

I have been researching various convertible options over the last few months from MGB’s to Miata’s and have settled in on a Mini Cooper.  Being financially responsible I have decided to put it on the back burner until I have my current cars payed off in early 2012.

I must admit I am having fun looking up Mini Coopers on the Internet and seeing them on the streets.  I must admit I haven’t purchased too many toys in my life but I am finding this really fun putting off something fun until a future date.

In the mean time I purchased a die cast replica version of a Mini Cooper to further engage in the anticipation of when I get to pick out my answer to my mid-life crisis.

After I bought the “Mini” Mini Cooper it reminded me of a technique I used when I was competing for meritorious promotion in the Marine Corps.  After I was nominated for the meritorious promotion I decided I would go out and purchase all of the chevrons I needed for my next rank in the Marine Corps.  Chevrons are the insignias that represent your rank and are worn on the collars or sleeves of the various uniforms of Marines.

For those unfamiliar with the Marines they tend to instill just a bit of “confidence” I mean “arrogance” into their persona.  With this being said when I displayed my Corporal Chevrons on the shelf at my work bench I kind of stirred things up a bit.  My seargeant informed me that very rarely do you get promoted on your first “meritorious promotion” competition.  I told him, “I was OK with that, I was just taking a visualization technique I had learned a step further.”

I thought it would be a good to have a symbol

or reminder to help me prepare for the competition.  “Corporal Monahan” knew what he was talking about getting promoted at his first meritorious promotion competition.  The symbol worked beautifully.

Over the years I have used numerous “Mini Place Holders” for other goals and dreams.

What dreams or goals do you have that could use a “place holder” or symbol until it becomes a reality?

One Response to “Mini Place Holder”

  1. Richard Terpening says:

    Great post Brian. I need a Die Cast Dodge Challenger!
    Though you may have to wait 16 years for the motorcycle, you can get a replica, perhaps one small enough for Ella to ride. I have seen pink ones with flower decals!