“Living The Dream” or “Your Dream?”

A few weeks ago I spoke at Ignite Cincinnati on the Topic of “Bring Yourself to Work Day, The World Needs the Real You!”

During my speech preparation I was playing around with the concept of “Living the Dream.”  “Living the Dream,” on the outside seems like a positive message but has increasingly become a snarky and sarcastic mantra in Corporate America and society in general.

The Ignite Event required me to provide my presentation slides in advance.  During practice I realized that although I had identified the sarcasm in the term, I had no real positive spin on the subject.  I was stuck so to speak with my slides but no real point.  As I practiced a few more times, I had an “Aha” moment.  “Living the Dream,” had become snarky because “The Dream” was not a self defined parameter but something society had created.

Of course, people were frustrated, they were living someone else’s version of “The Dream.”

So who’s dream are you living anyway, “The Dream” or “Your Dream?”

If you are not living the latter give the good old “Coach Me Button” a click and see what we can do about it!

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