Let Me Hear Your Trees!

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

A classic philosophical riddle for the ages, but also it’s a great metaphor for the many talented people I know who are unaware they are hiding their greatness.

You might be the best real estate agent, the greatest dock manager or the most artistic jewelry maker but only a handful of close associates, friends or family members might aware of your talent. Notice I did not mention blogger or writer, however, you too are my intended audience. Expert in the Rough is a place to learn how to make sure your tree is heard.

The world has changed and the internet is still only in its infancy. You have an opportunity to be the next ABC, CBS or NPR of your area of expertise, a broadcaster or a focused channel of information. The only difference is you won’t be wasting your time with the masses. The internet allows for a focused broadcast. This will ensure your tree will be heard.

You might be thinking, “I can see a blogger or a real estate agent or some obviously sales oriented career benefitting from the information on Expert in the Rough but what about me.” The truth is if you are in not in one these “sales or public” type careers you have the greatest opportunity to succeed. These areas are the least addressed and you have the greatest opportunity for standing out. On the flip side, if you are a real estate agent or a sales trainer or a business writer you better getting hopping. The competition is already embracing these concepts.

So, here lies the problem of the proverbial fallen tree in the forest. Your thoughts are falling down all day in the forest of your head. The simplest form of communication is verbal or (audible). You share your opinion or idea with a friend, coworker and family member. If it’s worthwhile or interesting they might share it with another. The only problem is there is no way to document the source. You might luck out and get credit for your wisdom but often times it will just fade away.

This is where the extra effort comes in. It’s time to start documenting your ideas and thoughts. That means recording them.

Let’s take for example the dock worker. For the sake of this example I am going to use the name Tommy to represent the dock worker. I figure he is pretty famous dock worker from Bon Jovi’s hit song “Living on a Prayer.” You might think this is a no brainer type job but there are many factors and processes associated with all jobs.

How does Tommy stand out from other co-workers? .

For thirty days Tommy could take notes on his biggest challenges or observations. Over the next thirty days he could then formulate a game plan to overcome these challenges. Then Tommy could record his successes and failures implementing these changes.

Tommy has a number of options for documenting his ideas and observations. He could get a notebook or a voice recorder. He could transcribe his notes at night and put them in a word document. The key here is record his thoughts. He could even host an internal blog. This would allow for collaboration.

The reason I am using an extreme example like Tommy is you can quickly see how Tommy can differentiate himself by documenting his thoughts and ideas. When it comes time for a promotion or raise Tommy has a number of things going for him. First of all he shows great initiative and secondly he has a record of his accomplishments.

Now let’s take it to the next level. Tommy is looking for a job. Currently Tommy is a shift supervisor at XYZ dock and ABC is hiring a lead Dock Manager. This would be a big promotion for Tommy.

In Tommy’s resume, he includes a link to his blog (caveat, be sure you do not publish confidential company information on the web) which documents his successes. Tommy now has a living resume. You could say he is “Living on a Prayer” but I would smack myself for making that pun. You might even be able to find Tommy in a Google search. The idea is Tommy no longer needs to rely on conveying his accounts of his thoughts but has a real life recording which has greater impact.

Tommy can even build further on his success, he can publish a public blog sharing his dock management systems and write books. He could even be hired for speaking engagements or consultations, all because he documented his ideas.

Expert in the Rough is about documenting your ideas and creating useful information or inspiration for others.

We all have inspired thoughts inside but most of us allow them to fall like trees in the forest on deaf ears.

Let me hear your trees!

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