Leaving Your Mind Fallow

One of the best ways to boost your creativity is by creating a little space.  In today’s “Over Information Age” we are bombarded with posts, articles, videos, status updates and sp^m.  Our cups runneth over and all the info is going down the drain.

I suggest the semi-modern concept of leaving your “Fields Fallow.”  Farmers learned a long time ago that if you plant the same crop over and over in the same land you will deplete the soil.  You must leave the field “fallow” or empty to prevent it’s depletion.

The same is true for our minds, our ideas and our inspirations.  Our brains need a rest from the same old, same old.  That is the idea behind vacations, sabbaticals and retreats.  It’s an opportunity for our mind to recharge and renew.

Similar to the concept of leaving a field fallow is “Crop Rotation” but instead of taking a break, the field is cultivated with another crop which replenishes the soil’s lost nutrients.  I think this is the idea behind the “Arts,” feeding our mind with other’s works of arts and inspiration.

Here are 10 Ways You Can Leave Your Mind Fallow

1) Turn Your Phone Off…Any Amount of Time, Tip: Be Deliberate About the Length of Time.  1 Hour, 1 Day or More.

2) Read a book from a new genre.

3) Take dancing lessons.

4) Take a nap during work hours.

5) Strike up a conversation with a stranger.

6) Take the stairs…(New Environments…New Ideas).

7) Have someone else plan your day.

8) Go on a local safari…get in touch with your local animal kingdom.

9) Take a bubble bath instead of a shower.

10) Go for an intense run or walk.  Runner’s High Anybody?

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