Leap, Launch or Let it Go!

Do you have an idea or inspiration which needs a direction or decision?

Did you know when you are in indecision you are actually a victim?

I want to explore my three favorite options for any idea or inspiration.

I want you to take a moment and think about what judgements or ideas you might have related to the title of this post.

“Leap, Launch or Let It Go!

  • What do you think when you hear or read “leap?”
  • Have you ever considered the difference between a leap and a “launch?”
  • “Let It Go,” is that kind of like defeat?

Before I move on, I want to be clear, there is no  right or wrong related to these three options, I am just offering up food for thought.


I must admit that leap has been my default approach to life for a long time but recently I awoken to the idea that there is a debt to be paid with this approach.  Traditionally speaking the power in this option has come from the notion of  “a leap of faith” a faith that something better might be on the other side but with the notion that something better might be of out of my control.

I recently have come to some new conclusions.  Often times people abuse the “Leap” option as a way of avoiding work.  What I mean by work is getting clear about what resources and plans you/they may need to make your idea an inspiration a reality. Personally, I often will leap knowing that if it doesn’t work out I can always blame it on chance versus owning the responsibility of my dream.

An interesting visual to consider when you think of “Leaping,” think about going down really fast.  Is there another direction to go?


I must be completely honest, I am a little biased to this option since it ties into my new business name “Launch to Freedom” but seriously if you consider the opposite of “Leap” you might call it a “Launch.”  When I visualize a “Launch” I see an object moving up.

So, would you prefer the rush of a “Leap” or the control of a “Launch?”

I like to think about a “Launch” as a strategic “Leap.”

Let It Go:

You might be thinking, “Is Brian really offering up Let It Go as an option…Isn’t he a coach?” Brian’s job is to help me make my dreams a reality.  The latter is correct but I have learned something interesting over the years.  An unfulfilled dream is like an anchor on the soul.  You are not doing yourself or the world any good by holding onto something you have no plans to launch.  In fact, by letting it go you might open up new energy sources for other dreams that might are more aligned with your true values.

A victim is someone who is not in control of a situation.  It could be said that anytime you make a decision you are no longer a victim.

Therefore, if it’s not Leap or Launch, simply “Let it Go!”

What will you choose?


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