Just Add Spirit

You can’t always get what you want, but you can always find a Karaoke Bar.
Seth Godin beat me to the post. His post today Sing it (please S I N G I T) defines
the distinction between technical excellence and raw emotion.
In my 20’s I had the opportunity to sing with my friends band “StreetWise.”  Ironically my first tune was the Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What you Want.”  Such as a good singer. It was a complete blur.  You should also know I have been accused of being tone deaf, and have “NO” musical training other than turning the radio up very loud in the car.  It’s a great technique and I always sound great but it doesn’t translate
as well on stage. I barely remember anything (including the lyrics) and my friend the guitarist lifts up my shirt and gives me a cherry belly.  The audience went crazy.  My singing career had started.
I was a groupie and followed the band from bar to bar.  More and more they requested me to sing.  I must admit I know I was the ‘butt of the joke” but I proceeded on.  I started to notice a difference in my life.  I was feeling more comfortable in front of a crowd in both work and play.  A little joke was now changing my life.
My confidence grew and I started to sing on stage like I was in my car by myself with my censors turned off.  The  audience loved it.  I did not fool them with this technique, they still knew I sucked as a singer, but they were jealous, I was living out loud.  They always wanted more. I was using a technique called stage presence
Stage Presence is the ability to connect with your spirit and communicate with an audience. When you have stage presence you have a connection.

 Over the years I have not always had access to a band and Karaoke is a suitable substitute.

Anytime somebody tells me about fear of public speaking I recommend they start with Karaoke.  You have the words in front of you.  You have a famous band or singer who has already modeled how the song can be done.  You only need to add spirit.

In fact that is the answer to life.  Just add Spirit.


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