It’s Inside of Me

One of my goals for Expert in the Rough is to post an average of 1 post per week.  The last few weeks have been off the charts busy and I have not had much time to reflect.

One of the insights I have gathered during the last few years of blogging is that I only need to share my perspective as I see it.  I don’t need to come up with something fancy, just something real.  Last night I remembered a recent experience and thought it might be helpful.

A few weeks ago while serving as a group leader at Life Success Seminars I was sharing with the facilitator about my recent spiritual journey.  I had shared since early 2010 I have been on this uncanny path.

First it was a life coach showing up at my Toastmasters meeting who spoke my language.  Then it was the book “The Alchemist” which was an exact match for my vision of The Personal Passion Project…..a book left behind at my wife’s work ….chasing me down.

“Jesus Calling” the daily devotional that has changed my life, another book that could have easily missed if I did not volunteer as a career coach at my church.

These are just the highlights.  I was sharing with the facilitator how almost weekly and sometimes daily life lessons would show up.  I would stop at a point in a book and pick up the following day.  The message would be an exact match for my challenges from the day before.  I am not talking kind of close.  I am talking same words and exact scenarios.  I must admit it almost became freaky.

As I was sharing my story with the facilitator I dismissed my experience as possible coincidence.  “The lessons are all there and I only need to be open to it,” I shared.   I mentioned it was crazy to think the book “The Alchemist” is over 20 years old and I am only learning of it now.

His response totally caught me off guard.  He said, “Brian don’t you realize all these things are inside of you, you made this happen.” You attracted these powerful experiences.”

This was an “AHA” moment for me, I had never even considered I had a part in this.  I thought it was happening to me.

We are much bigger than we ever give ourselves credit for, we are often quick to own our faults but dismissive to own our greatness.

What’s inside of you?

2 Responses to “It’s Inside of Me”

  1. Julie,

    thanks for the kind words.

    .-= Brian Monahan´s last blog ..Welcome =-.

  2. Julie Hogan says:

    I agree with you both, this has always been inside you…
    Brian, you are a really great guy who wants to make a difference, and you do. This past year you were open and ready to attract all this great stuff your way. I think once you dropped the image of what you thought it should look like, and just gave Brain, all the pieces could start fitting together!
    .-= Julie Hogan´s last blog ..Another Kind of Hoarding =-.