Is Your Blog in a Recession?

A “Blog Recession” is when you do not post to your blog on consecutive days equal to your average weekly posts minus seven times two.

Blog Recession Formula:

My blog is 19 Weeks old and I have 48 posts.

Average weekly posts equal 2.53 posts per week.

7 – 2.53 = 4.47

4.47 x 2 = 8.94 days.

Therefore, if I do not post for 8.94 days my blog is in a recession.

In fact I did not post to my blog from September 11 until September 20th.

My blog was clearly in a recession.

So is your blog in a recession?

Here are 9 Tips to overcome a blog recession.

  1. Update post.  Instead of telling your readers you are sorry you have not been able to post, tell them about what you been up to.  This is far more interesting than “Sorry I have not posted.”
  2. Do a book review.
  3. Share a link with commentary.
  4. Drop a bomb, announce something controversial or private.
  5. Share a picture or a graph that inspires or touches you.
  6. Share a quote
  7. Request a guest post from another blogger.
  8. Write something totally unique, such as your own metric, as I have done with the Blog Recession Formula.
  9. Use the Nike technique, Just Post!

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  1. Nicholas,

    Thanks for stopping by. Your blog looks awesome. I am very excited to dig into it. I just subscribed to your feed and will take a look over the next few days.


  2. Great tips here to overcome blog recessions. I’ve never heard it called that before. Good topic.

    Nicholas Z. Cardot’s last blog post..Valp: Interview with a Creative Mastermind