Inspirational Spring Cleaning

Blogging is an interesting recipe.  One part inspiration, one part obligation, one part guilt and a whole lot more work than you could ever imagine.

The thing I like most about blogging is following an inspiration.  The part I hate is following inspiration and not being able to fully cook my inspiration.  The results of my half baked inspirations lay dormant in my WordPress and Google Docs as drafts or unfinished inspirations.

Over the weekend I was inspired to share these half baked ideas as cliff notes if you will, a title and a 2-3 sentence explanations of what the blog post was supposed to be about.  I hope you enjoy these.

I am going to call it Inspirational Spring Cleaning.

Last Will and Testament

Blog posts are the new cave drawings.  Blog about your ideas, your wishes for the world and someday you just might get quoted.

The Aladdin Factor

One of my favorite books of all time, ask for what you want and people often will give it to you.  So easy, so simple.  My request, read my blog, make comments on my blog, share it with friends.

Get Out of Your Element

This one of my favorites, that comfy life you have been living might just be holding you back from new ideas and new opportunities.  Carpe Diem my friends, stand on your desk and smell the sunflowers.

The Things I Learned Last Week

This was going to be a recurring blog post, something simple like everything I needed I learned in Kindergarten kind of cheesy.  I believe you can drastically improve the quality of your life by taking a few minutes weekly to reflect on your lessons learned.

Follow the Energy

It has been said the only thing more contagious than enthusiasm is lack of enthusiasm.  I recommend you find someone who inspires you and ride their coat tails.

Just Show Up

This is the little brother of the Aladdin Factor.  In all of my years… my desk and couch are the least lucky places.  Opportunity is directly proportional to the amount of time you place yourself engaging people.

Cash for Clunkers

I think this is a fun concept.  Wouldn’t be great if we could trade in negative co-workers, bad habits and other undesirables for cash.  What would you trade in for cash?

Door Prize

I don’t know where I was headed with this one, but if you are still reading and make a comment on my blog I will send you a book from my extensive business and self help library.  In fact tell me what book you want (ala Aladdin Factor) and If I have it is yours.  Otherwise I will recommend the closest book I have to your topic.  Limit 20 people.  A guess that sounds like a Door Prize.

John Denver and 4 Non Blondes

This was my tribute post about how John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” and 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up” still impact my life.  Both songs reference a certain age 27 and 25 respectively.  The also reference a great big hill, for whatever that means.  But you realize quickly as I knew you would this is a half baked idea and I am still trying to get up that great big hill of hope.  The truth John and 4 Non were reflecting on life just like I am today 38 years old with a new baby in my life and I must say my perspective has changed.

The Power of Being Real

I might have actually touched on this topic in one of my blog posts.  The act of me sharing these “blog post rejects” is an example of being real.  Who gives an “F” what everyone else thinks.  How many years are you going to live someone else’s life.

The Mirror of Life

Your life is a direct reflection of the thoughts and feelings you have on the inside.  Think of it like a report or an account of your innermost desires and beliefs.  Have you taken the time to look in the mirror or do you prefer to live in the dark?

Blind Faith Strategy

A asteroid or a nuke could end it all today, so aren’t we pretty much always living with Blind Faith.  Life is short so why all of the calculated risks?

100 Ridiculous Things to Do in a Lifetime

This would probably be better titled.  100 stupid things I did in college.  FYI this list does not include urinating off the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge just after the start of the New York City Marathon in 1997 but finishing the marathon might qualify if you get my drift.

Tell me about something ridiculous you would like to do in this lifetime.

The Truth about Starting from Scratch

Unless you are headed back to your momma’s womb there is no such thing.  Quit your pity party and take an account of what positive resources you have in your life.  If you’re breathing that is number 1 on your list.

The Quest for Imperfection

Live and learn, live and let die, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with.  Perfection is the booby prize in life.

Does Your Monkey Have a Name

We all have something that is holding us back in life.  Maybe if you name it you might be able to deal with it.  That way you can tell that Monkey to get off your back.

Blogs and Babies Need Lots of Love and Attention

Note:  Babies need more attention, I am short sighted to mention them in the same sentence :)

We is More Selfish than I, Let me Tell you Why

Don’t know where I was headed with this one but sounds like an interesting blog post.

Limit, Restrict and Condense

Twitter is so popular because we are all immersed and inundated with too much information.  WE are now in what I call “The Over Information Age.”  Your greatest opportunity for success is providing products or information in condensed format as we enter this age.

Make a Big Splash, Go For the High Dive

Physics – More speed, mass and velocity equal more displaced water.  Why are you limiting yourself to the 3′ board when you can go for the “High Dive”


Take One!

Who are You, Am I Talking to a Wall

This must be my bloggers Pity Party Post, nobody reads my blog, I must be a bad blogger.  Sorry for those who do read, you are not nobody.  Even inspirational bloggers have bad days.

Track Your Life, Innocent Moments of Big Impact

Like the day you met your best friend, the day you met your wife.  I like to contemplate if certain life acquaintances or circumstances disappeared how different my life might be.

I still think the day I was going to look at an apartment and the landlord did not show up and I found another apartment down the street and eventually my “wife to be” moved in across the street and kind of changed my life.  I know that sentence has a lot of “ands” and yes that is how you know something was a big impact in your life because “and something else” happened.

Go First and Change the World

The world has enough followers, Earth needs more leaders!

The Great Pumpkin Post

I love pumpkins and I love pumpkin pie.  I also love the “Peanuts” Halloween special “The Great Pumpkin.”  I think a lot of people have excuses about their life that are more in line with being “Great Pumpkins” than being real.  Is there any excuses you need to let go of to start living your “Great Life!”

I feel much better now, I hope you do too.

I can now move on to some fresh topics and new inspirations.  Thanks for reading!

2 Responses to “Inspirational Spring Cleaning”

  1. Richard,

    thanks for the selfish desire to read my blog. I appreciate your interest in Expert in the Rough.

    I have had a crazy work schedule for the last 3 months, I hope to have more time as I finish up the year for some blogging and writing.

    Chaos is a hard place to find inspiration.

    I will have a few posts in the coming week for the EITR Fans.


  2. Richard Terpening says:

    This relates to your blog post, “We is more selfish than I.” We, are the readers. We are hungry for your words of wisdom. We want new post, we look for them daily. We wonder why you have not given us our daily fix. We are selfish to your reasoning for not feeding us.