Inspiration Expiration

Inspiration is a lot like a gallon of milk.  It expires if you don’t drink it.

Inspiration is unlike milk in that if you drink it (act on it) it is like an endless jug.  It automatically replenishes itself and leads to more and better inspirations.

If you are finding yourself in a creative rut you are probably not at a loss for ideas but stuck in fear or doubt.  The inspiration is probably there but you are unwilling to notice or act on it.

In fact, as I right this article my inspiration about inspiration is under attack by that little voice in my head that says,  “your blog post is boring and needs some work.”  Luckily,  I have learned to “beat the shit” out of that voice and tell it to “fuck off.”

OMG, did I really write some curse words?

Anyway, now my article is no longer boring and I got your attention.

Right Now, write down one idea or inspiration you have had in the last 24 hours and commit to taking action on it.  Seriously folks this is life and death.  The creative life source is inspiration and you must learn to act on it.  It will change your life, it changed mine.

Skim, 2%, Chocolate or Whole Inspiration….Drink It and watch it multiply.


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