Independence Day – Reality Check

The story of the day is Americans are staying home to celebrate Independence Day due to the economic conditions.

Vacations, fireworks shows and celebrations have been canceled or scaled back.  For some this may be discouraging but I find it refreshing.

liberty_2Americans have been spending money they do not have for a long time and a dose of responsibility is what this nation needs to rebound.

In my sheltered world do we really have it that bad?  Many of us may not be able to spend money we do not have this Independence Day but we will have the opportunity to enjoyit  in the fashion we decide.  We are free to do as we choose.  Yes the government interferes with our money and commerce but the big picture is we don’t live in Iran or North Korea. If you really don’t like it here you might want to check out the other options available.

When we are unhappy about something our government does not shutdown Twitter or prevent us from communicating our opinion.  We are free to have our own opinion and share it.

In the United States our biggest worry is how will I maximize my life in a system that is for the most part free.

Here is my top ten list for what it means to be American.

  1. I am not a victim, I live bold and free
  2. I love America and do not bash it but serve it
  3. Serve others (even those without obvious needs) (we all have needs)
  4. I am thankful for those who have sacrificed for me.
  5. I support our troops and their welfare.
  6. Our President is American not Democrat or Republican.
  7. If you don’t like something do something about it
  8. Responsible – I am repsonsible for my own lot in life, period.  Nobody is going to bail me out.  Not even Obama.
  9. Freedom is in our spirit, not our laws.
  10. I have an opinion and I share it without fear of government.

Thankfully, I have no worries about being killed or jailed today for sharing my opinion.  I live in the United States of America.

What does it mean for you to be free?  Seriously!

One Response to “Independence Day – Reality Check”

  1. Tony says:

    I agree with you 100%! I think your top ten list of what it means to be an american is excellent, it really puts a lot of things in perspective and makes me feel proud. Thanks for this article, very eye-opening!

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