I Have Been Fat for Too Long!

It’s almost Momentum Monday and I have been doing the Insanity DVD workout and diet for 1 week.

I think a “WAHOO!” is in order.

My wife and I were chatting on the way to dinner with my parents tonight about what I was going to eat. We were going to one of Cincinnati’s classic pizza joints, “Larosa’s.” Larosa’s has great food but lets get real pizza is the only reason to go to Larosa’s.

I had a dilemma, “pizza or a grilled chicken hoagie,” I asked my wife.  She said; “Today is your cheat day, right.” I had an out, even though I chose for Saturday to be my cheat day, I had decided to eat healthy on Saturday any way and my wife was giving me an out to cheat on Sunday. Let’s get honest, “I HAVE BEEN FAT FOR TOO LONG!!”,

I DON”T need a cheat day, and oh, by the way, I am not sure there is even such a thing listed for this workout and diet plan.

I hope to inspire you to amp it up in the pursuit of some goal you are chasing.

Jim Quinn a mentor from my past always said, “99% commitment is a bitch, 100% commitment is a cinch!”

The “Insanity” workout plan I have committed to is over a 9 week period but I am realizing it is really just one day, one hour and one choice at a time.

I choose thin and healthy!

I choose thin and healthy again!

I choose thin and healthy again and again!


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