I am “Too Shy” for Social Media

Kajagoogoo the Nostradamus of musical acts made a bold prediction in 1983 with their hit song “Too Shy.”

When it comes to Social Media, I am “Too Shy.”

Social Media has been a buzzword around the blogosphere.  Oops that is too many buzzwords in one sentence but if you were wondering Social Media is basically people talking to each other via electronic media.  This includes blogs, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to name some popular platforms.  It’s a loose definition but chances are you are engaged in some form of Social Media.

What I have found interesting is when I engage in new Social Media arenas I often find myself experiencing many of the same anxieties I face when in person.

On Twitter a micro blogging website which allows you to follow people and their short insights or daily interactions often feels to me, much like a loud cocktail party.  People are sharing their opinions left and right with nonsense about their daily challenges or links to blog that they read but I am a little shy.  Do I reply to people direct or share a link.  Do the people posting actually want to talk to me.  Will they reject me.

When I go to a high profile bloggers website and read a post and comment will they check out my blog and judge me since I am just getting started.  Maybe I need a professionally designed header.  Maybe he will notice I am using a free WordPress Theme.  I am just a hack.  I couldn’t even afford to pay for my template.

I just Dugg one of my own blog posts.  I bet people will think I am narcissistic.  Am I a bore to be promoting my own blog?

Patty Craft a friend of mine who also blogs recently posted about how she was blasted by a new acquaintance as being “self-centered and grandiose.” I thought that was kind of funny.  I actually had to break it to Patty that maybe that person was right.  I think the idea of even having a personal blog is “self-centered and grandiose,” but so is having an opinion for that matter.  I guess the difference is where or how you share it???

Social Media is no different than the ancient cave drawings that scatter the world.  Social Media is the same feelings you have on the first day of grade school.  Social Media is the jokes on the bathroom stall.  Social Media is just that another media for socializing.

Mark Hayword at My Tropical Escape, shared his thoughts on how to successfully use Social Media this week.

Be Human.

That reminded me I am on the right track.  Since I am feeling shy and anxious when I Twitter and when I go to networking meetings in person….yes I am the same person online and off-line.  By the way I also am having a blast exploring writing as a hobby and a career.  Blogging is my training ground.

Social Media is just the tool.  Just like the phone, a letter or an email.  Be yourself.  Follow your dreams and the rest will follow.

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