Help Me – Help You – Inspiring Courage & Cultivating Passion

I am going to skip beating around the bush.  I need your help and you need a kick in the pants!

Many of you know I recently launched a new business venture.  For now it’s called Brian Monahan Coaching…I know it’s not the most original name but it’s in line with the values I have established here at Expert in the Rough.  Meaning….it takes courage to move forward exactly where you are right now.  I eventually will have a “Nifty and Way Cool” name for my coaching business  but for now you get Brian Monahan Coaching. Guess what, I already have a few clients and that was before I came up with “Brian Monahan Coaching”…something to consider if you might be stuck on your journey “Fixin to Get Ready” for things to be perfect.

How can you help me?

My mission is to:  Inspire Courage and Cultivate Passion?

If you think Courage and Passion are two things you could use more of in your life then we have a match! As part of my coach certification I am required to coach ten people at no charge for one hour.  However, my coach training school recommends 50 to really make an impact.  I have chosen the latter. That’s good for you, me and the world.  50 hours of pay it forward courage and passion for the world (and my friends).

Here is the deal.

Most of you reading my blog know me or know of me from a friend.  This is a really good opportunity for friends to help each other out.

I get my practice and certification and you get a kick in the pants!

We all need a kick in the pants once in a while….I know I do!

Oops, I think I am beating around the bush a little but the offer is:

1) “Energy & Influence Coaching Session” – $50 value (Complimentary to the 1st 50 people)

  • We will identify 3 areas during the call to increase your energy and influence
  • We will clarify a next step on your journey.
  • Set the stage for you to engage more courage and passion.
  • Cover any questions you might have about coaching.

The Sales Pitch- If at the end of the call you realize you have some “Nifty and Way Cool Ideas” for your future we can talk next steps and choose the right coaching package for you. If not I sincerely thank you for assisting me in my growth.

Feel free to forward this offer to your friends and family.

Who do you know who could use a little more Courage and Passion!


Get Your Complimentary Energy and Influence Coaching Session!

Email Brian Monahan at coachbriany (at)

Subject: – I Need a Kick in the Pants in the Subject Area (or if your shy “Coach Me”)

I will follow up your email with open times.

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