Get Out of the Way, I Get to Take Out the Garbage!

Seth Godin, covers a topic my “Dear Old Dad” has been covering for years.  The difference between “Get to!” and “Have to.”

Seth’s take is the classic shift of attitude,  seeing the task as an opportunity versus a drudgery.

My father Mike Monahan of Life Success Seminars, also teaches in his seminar about “Get to” versus “Have to.”

Taking Out the Garbage!He shares a story of his two sons, Brian and Brad who are ten years apart.  Brian was given a much different perspective on taking out the garbage from a younger less wise father.  You see taking out the garbage was a chore and was something to dread.  Every night after dinner my father would ask if I had taken out the garbage and I would moan and groan as my Atari game was interrupted abruptly by a trip to the side yard.  I, “Had to take out the garbage.”

During the next ten years my father grew a little wiser and he employed a bit of a “Jedi Mind Trick” with my brother.  He positioned taking out the garbage as a privilege.  He would tell my brother.  “Hey Brad, get out the way,  I get to take out the garbage!”  Brad would jokingly reply, “No get out of my way, I am taking out the garbage!”  In the end they both ended up taking out the garbage and smiling about it.

Next time you take out the garbage give it a try, “I Get To Take Out The Garbage!”

You might “Get” a different experience.

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