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Warning, this technique will change your life.

Last year around mid-February I stumbled upon a book (I mean God put a book in my hands).  The book was a daily devotional called “Jesus Calling.” (Amazon Affiliate Link) I have mentioned the book before and it is very powerful but I wanted to talk about how to maximize your “Daily Devotional Experience.”

If you are unfamiliar with the term a “daily devotional” it is a book of quotes, scriptures or phrases with a common message.

I must admit I have probably a dozen or more daily devotionals in the “Donate to Goodwill” box.  2 or 3 weeks of daily reading and life happens. Funny thing is that is probably the best time to read a daily devotional….to get through the hard times.

This year was different.  I shared “Jesus Calling” with my wife and we decided to read it out loud at dinner.  Nothing overly strategic or committed, just some inspiration to go along with our prayers at dinner but we kind of got hooked.

I must admit I do think this “Jesus Calling” devotional is really something special but I believe sharing any daily devotional with another can be a powerful experience.

Over the last few years of writing blog posts I have learned a thing or two.  One of which is the simpler the idea or concept the greater people can connect with it. With That…..

Get More Devotional:

Daily Devotional + A Partner + Reading Out Loud = Intimate and Powerful

My wife and I are approaching a complete year of a common message. Besides the devotion itself we have found many other benefits to include:

  • A foundation for our relationship
  • A connection
  • A common ground
  • Smoothing of the road.  I can be there when she is down and vice versa.
  • Greater Intimacy

I highly recommend this technique for anyone in a committed relationship.  A committed relationship does not need to be a romantic relationship, it could be friends, family, coworkers and/or peers.  You could do it in person or over the phone.  What the heck Skype or Oovoo each other.

I can honestly say this technique has saved my marriage. Since starting our family in 2008 the pressures of raising a child has  strained our marriage.  Without a foundation it would be easy for our marriage to fail.  Sharing a daily devotional has been the mortar for our foundation.

This small tweak to a daily devotional has significantly impacted my life. I hope you will give it a try!

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