Game On, Expert in the Rough Joins Cincinnati Battle of the Bloggers

Shameless Promotion is the cornerstone of most successful blogs.  Expert in the Rough is no exception.  If you disagree about the shameless promotion bit, just humor me and read on.

I figured I could do some good for those less fortunate and promote my blog Expert in the Rough in the process.  Hey, a win/win proposition or desperate proposition.  Either way you call it, somebody who is hungry is going to benefit from this promotion.

Virtual Food Drive

Virtual Food Drive

So heres the deal.  Donald at Cincinnati Blog innocently came up with the idea of Battle of the Cincinnati Blogs.  He simply asked for a link to the Freestore Foodbanks virtual food drive.

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting the Freestore Foodbank is anticipating a record need this holiday season, so this is a timely request.

Here are your options to help:

Cura Bella Salon has been collecting canned goods at its Mt. Lookout Location.  Feel free to drop off your canned goods there or at the Freestore Foodbank.

Follow the Link to the Virtual Freestore Food Drive.

Promote Expert in the Rough and I will donate to the Freestore Foodbank.  Hey, I am needy for subscribers and readers.

$1 Donation* for Commenting on this Post.

$5 Donation* for Blog Post on your Blog about Expert in the Rough and the Virtual Freestore Food Drive

$100 Donation* for a front page mention on the Cincinnati Enquirer with Link to Expert in the Rough

$100 Donation* for 1 Minute Television Interview on Channel 5, 9, 12 or 19.

*Here is my legal mumbo jumbo, I will donate up to $300 via the Virtual Food Drive link on December 10th based on the results of this post.  I will do my best to tally and donate accordingly but cannot be held responsible legally in anyway other than making a donation to the Freestore Foodbank.

If for some reason nobody takes me up on the above offers I will donate $100.

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9 Responses to “Game On, Expert in the Rough Joins Cincinnati Battle of the Bloggers”

  1. Jason says:

    Nice idea and I’ll even step it up a notch here.

    Shameless plug for me too by the looks. :)

    Jason’s last blog post..Joining the cause and taking up on an offer

  2. Jenn, Lauren, MJFree, Kylicmac,

    thanks for pushing my donation button so to speak.

    that puts us at $6, hope some other promotions kick in as well.


  3. kyliemac says:

    what a smashing idea. please add yet another $1 to the freestorefoodbank count.

    happy thanksgiving and may everyone have a joyous holiday season!

    kyliemac’s last blog post..k&k episode 195 – the one where they talk about hugs and kisses… and stuff…

  4. lauren says:

    Hi all,

    The FreestoreFoodbank is very excited to see the Battle of the Blogs gaining some momentum. Thanks to all who have participated thus far. For those thinking about participating, I can assign you a unique URL that will automatically tally any donations made from your site. Email me for more information.

    Oh, and you can follow the FreestoreFoodbank on twitter, if you’re interested: James_FSFB


    Lauren Doyle
    PR rep for the FreestoreFoodbank

  5. MJFREE says:

    Great idea and great cause! I’ll pitch the idea to people in the news department tomorrow. Sounds like a great “News where you live” segment!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Jenn says:

    so I dropped a line to Michael who works at Channel 12 news….lets see if he can come up with a way to get your smiling mug on tv and your address scrolling acroos the bottom =)

    way to use your passion to make a difference in the world

  7. valereee says:

    You owe the food bank a dollar. 😀

    valereee’s last blog post..It’s Not Too Early to Think About a 2009 CSA

  8. QueerCincinnati,

    It appears there is a link on my blog now to your site. Looks like $10 spot for the FSFB.

    Be sure to visit Expert in the Roughs only testimonial on the web “very inpirational.”

    Thanks for the comment.


  9. *wipes forehead*

    Thank goodness you didn’t mention me. I’m not sure I had the $10. HA!

    But now you owe FSFB $1.

    QueerCincinnati’s last blog post..“Phenomenal Woman,” Maya Angelou