Flash Mob or Flash of Conscious



The Mob has come!

The Mob of Mobs!


Flash Mobs have become all the rage.  A group of people gather in a public space to create what appears to be a random act of song and dance but has included pillow fights and freeze mobs.  Freeze mobs are similar to flash mobs but people just stop in their tracks for a moment in time.

Forever a fan of the Hallelujah Chorus. My back tingles when I hear it.  It reminds me of Christmas as a child before I came aware and cynical.  Which is interesting the latest YouTube sensation… a Hallelujah Chorus Flash Mob in a mall food court has given me an insight into why people love Flash Mobs.  I believe we want to be awakened.

Aside from the entertainment factor I believe we have become unconscious as a society.  We are distracted and self absorbed.  A Flash Mob is an opportunity to wake us up to the world again.  We are at the mall, the square or other gathering places…with people and we are disconnected.  Yes we are “Connected” via our “Smart Phones” but we are disconnected from the people who are right in front of us.

Hugh MacCleod a favorite cartoonist of mine, has a cartoon I totally adore.  Its caption is  “the market for something to believe in is infinite.”

I believe this is one of the most powerful concepts in today’s world.  If you can give someone something to believe in you will rule the world.  Interesting enough the Hallelujah Chorus is about Jesus, “The King of Kings” and “The Message of Hope and Forgiveness.”  His message has ruled the world for some time.

It is almost as if they were meant for each other (Flash Mob and Hallelujah Chorus that is).

My goal is not to proselytize (if you are moved that way great… God works in mysterious ways) but to remind you to remember.  Remember to be present.  Remember the moment.  Remember to Connect.  Remember to be conscious.  Now that your remember, just be.  Be Present, Be in the Moment, Be Connected and Be Conscious.

I believe the market for “connection and consciousness” is infinite.

Enjoy the Chorus.  May your back tingle just like mine.

2 Responses to “Flash Mob or Flash of Conscious”

  1. Gwyn Ehrlich says:

    This needs to happen in sooo many places. I wish I could see it happen in every mall.

    Thank you all!