Family Overtime

Recently I was in for my annual review with my employer.  They asked me to rate myself in a number of areas.  It was the typical elements of an employee review.  Rate myself on organization, creative problem solving, effectiveness, ability to lead, ability to work with others and timeliness.

I must admit (brag), I was doing good in all areas but one.  The last one, timeliness.  I have noticed I have been arriving at work late more often than in the past.  I must qualify this comment since the Internet is forever these days but I more than cover my hours every week so it’s not a matter of not enough, just when and where.

As I pondered this “deficit” I asked myself what was different in my life and why was I now arriving late.

OH!  I remember I have a 18 month old daughter now and life has been truly turned on end.

No longer is my life just work, I have a family to engage.

As I continued to ponder this dilemma being the “Company Man” that I am, what should I do about this deficit.  I cannot move forward being delinquent in my duties.  If I am supposed to be at a work at a certain time, then I should be there, “RIGHT?”

My answer arrived in moment of joy.  My family and I have created a bit of morning tradition.  We sit on pillows in the kitchen and eat breakfast and then we dance to the boom box.  Then I go to work.  I have a running joke when it comes to my daughter.  If she enjoys something you better not start since there is not end game.  She can dance or eat Popsicles until the cows come home.

So one particular morning when Ella had no interest in ending our morning party, I declared I was going to have “Family Overtime.”  What a novel concept.  Overtime for something I enjoy.

To carry out the little metaphor think of overtime for the things you enjoy as paying time and a half or double time making it a greater incentive.

So, back to the review and dilemma of being out of integrity with my employer.  I decided to take another chance.  During my review, I went ahead and was honest.  I shared that right now my family life is very important and from time to time I might be engaging in “Family Overtime.”  We didn’t really discuss it in detail but they didn’t dispute the idea.

So be it: “Family Overtime!”

What areas of your life do you need to go into “Overtime?!”

6 Responses to “Family Overtime”

  1. Richard Terpening says:

    Brian I love “Family Overtime” and I like your morning tradition. My employment has been cut down to four days a week and I was going to find a fill in job when I realized that this would be a great opportunity to spend more time with the family. I discovered that more time with the family equals less stress and more joy & laughter. “Family Overtime” is therapeutic and my grandson offers it for free!

  2. Madonna Kohnen says:

    Love this Brian. You nailed it for me. I’ve been wondering why I don’t come home and turn on the computer immediately anymore and start working. I really do want a life outside of my business and I’m opening myself up to make that happen. Yippee! more overtime here please!!!

    Thanks for sharing this so that I could put into words what is going on for me.

    • Madonna,

      I am glad to here you are focusing on something other than work. We all could use a little less work and a lot more Fun Overtime.

      Keep up the good work with my wife, she is a gem.


  3. Tony Miltenberger says:

    great post, and its amazing how easy it all is when the priorities are in order

    • Tony, I foresee a little family overtime in your future!

      Thanks for being a loyal fan and reader of EITR. The Google Reader tip I gave you might have been self serving so you can stay up to date on EITR.