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Dedicated to November 2010 IPEC Chicago Class:

The perfect “Mashup” quite arguably is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  The perfect combination of peanut butter and milk chocolate, but I think I have found something better.  No, I didn’t say something butter, but something better.  No again, it doesn’t involve bacon….. but bacon like chocolate is a favorite partner in many a “Mashup.”

If your not familiar with a Mashup.  A Mashup is a combination of one or more items which together create an even better or more appealing product. The cool thing about a Mashup is its components can be ironic or complimentary and still create a superior “Mashup” experience.

Today’s Mashup is called ENERFLUENCEEnergy & Influence

The Back Story:

Over the last few years I have shared many stories and insights from my participation with Life Success Seminars and that pattern continues today but I will also be weaving in a new and recent powerful experience.

Over the weekend I completed The Life and Leadership Potentials Training in Chicago. It was the first of 4 live in-person training modules leading up to 350 hours of training to become a certified professional coach.   The experience was fantastic and IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) lived ups to its billing of excellence

The core of IPEC’s coach training revolves around a concept their founder Bruce D. Schneider has coined as “Energy Leadership.”

“It’s called Energy Leadership because the method develops each person’s ability to perceive the energy
levels they exhibit in all aspects of their life. It is a very unique coaching process that helps individuals to see, perhaps for the first time, their real perceptions, beliefs, behaviors and attitudes… in essence, to see
exactly how they are showing up in this world and why they are getting the results that they do in their personal and professional lives.”

Direct from IPEC Website

Energy Leadership is based on a seven level index to identify your average resonating energy level.  Schneider labels two types of energy…Anabolic and Catabolic.

Defined by IPEC:

Anabolic: Constructive, building, healing energy.  This type of energy releases anabolic hormones, such as testosterone, into the body.

Catabolic: Negative, destructive energy.  This type of energy releases catabolic chemicals such as cortisol and adrenaline, which actually eat away at our very cells.

Much of the class was formed around processes for coaches to shift their energy from catabolic to anabolic and be able to coach their clients to the same results.

30 hours of class Friday through Sunday was a big time investment to be followed by a 5.5 hour drive home.   I had a choice.  I could look at the drive as a challenge but the weekend gave me the tools to see it as an opportunity.  It became a great time to reflect and solidify the weekend both mentally and emotionally.

During my drive I reflected on how I was able to shift my own energy level significantly over the weekend.  In fact my energy was so great that at 2am I was disappointed to pull into my drive way.  I still had a few hundred songs on my MP3 player to catch up on and my thoughts were inpsired.   I did ponder …..what were the contributing factors to changing my energy level? It is very common for me to attend a training and actually leave with less energy which seems reasonable but that was not the case.  I was energized despite the long weekend and drive. You would think energy out means less energy.  That is what is really cool about this anabolic energy thing.

So where did I pick up the energy?

The coffee helped but it was the people who changed me. Bruce D. Schneider the founder of IPEC has a mission to change the world one person at a time.  He wasn’t even there but he has created a legacy of people who are carrying out his mission.  The facilitators, the coordinators set the foundation and sparked the class to increase their energy level. As each of us caught the spark we were able to pass it on to each other.

Guess What? I am passing it on to you by sharing my experience.

I mentioned Life Success Seminars way back at the beginning of this blog post.  Life Success Seminars is another fantastic personal development seminar company.  Their content has lots of cross over with IPEC but both programs have some unique features.  Life Success Seminars has shifted it’s focus recently to a concept they call “Circle of Influence.” I am sure others use the term as well.

You probably didn’t know it but you already have a “Circle of Influence.”   Your Circle of Influence are the people in your life.  Your family, friends co-workers.  You circle could include advisers like health professionals, legal counsel and even a mentor or personal coach.

There are a number of ways you can change the quality of your life.  Education, career development, geographical relocation and health initiatives are great places to start to improve the quality of your life but changing the people in your life might just be one of the best places to start.

STOP! I didn’t say it is time to start dumping the people in your life but to start changing the people in your life.

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

-Mahatma Ghandi

Ghandi’s quote is powerful since it flips the switch from victim to victor. When we take responsibility for ourselves we can change the world.

With this quote in mind changing the people in your life is a two part process.  You must first start with yourself. When you begin to change first you give the others in your life the benefit of the doubt.  You give them choice to join you on the path.  The interesting thing is when we start moving towards new goals and better living you have no choice but to change the people in your life.

When the light begins to shine on you and your “Circle of Influence” you will start to attract the people who share the same light as you. Those who are not on the same journey will find the light too bright and often retreat or run for the hills.

Back to the Mashup!


“Enerfluence is the intersection of anabolic energy (or catabolic energy) with your Circle of Influence.  The energy level of the individual is exponentially affected by the average level of the group.”

-Brian Monahan

Please forgive my self quote, my narcissism was not cured despite my anabolic increases :) this past weekend.

More simply “Enerfluence” means if you want to change the quality of your life at a greater velocity then change the quality of the people in your life (that means you too)!!!

Do you like the concept of Enerfluence?

Would you like to raise it in less than 1 hour?

Send me an email to coachbriany (at) for a free “Enerfluence Coaching Session” and let me know you are interested.

We will focus on 3 strategies to increase your energy and grow your Circle of Influence.

This is a complimentary coaching session (we will be focused on you).


You must be the change you want to see in the world.  (Let me help you)

-Mahatma Ghandi


Contact :  Brian Monahan – coachbriany at

In the subject area put:  Enerfluence Coaching Session

Special thanks to my classmates from this past weekend for helping me raise my energy level from catabolic to anabolic!!

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  2. Julie Hogan says:

    Great post Brian! I’m excited to hear that you had a “powerful” weekend…sorry, it runs in the family!! I look forward to hearing more about it.
    .-= Julie Hogan´s last blog ..Setting the Record Straight =-.