Energetically Speaking

Public Speaking is one of the absolute best ways to grow a service business or any business for that matter.

Wait for it…you know what my next line is and; “unfortunately Public Speaking ranks up with Death on things that people most fear.”

So, back to the first sentence paraphrased; “Public Speaking is a Great Way to Grow Your Business,” and since people are so afraid of it is why the payoff is so great.  Most people will not take the chance to do it.  When you choose to speak you literally and figuratively set yourself apart from the crowd. The crowd being the folks listening to you speak, wishing they had the courage to do what you are doing.

Public Speaking is not rocket science.  It’s like any other skill, practice, practice and practice. I have read many books on speaking and have been a member of a local Toastmasters group for years but I have never been taught what I experienced last week.  More specifically the experience of “Energetically Speaking.”

Last week I had an opportunity of a life time.  I spoke at Ignite Cincinnati. It’s an interesting event and it can be  simply described as PowerPoint, Meets Inspiration, Meets Karaoke meets 400 plus people wanting to have a good time and be inspired.  You can visit the site to learn more about the event and I will post my video but more importantly I want to share what I learned about Energetic Speaking.

I am currently enrolled in a coach training program and I will be certified in a process called Energy Leadership.  The process is based on helping people/leaders identify the level of energy they are resonating at in their work and relationships.  The idea is the more conscious and aware we are the higher our energy levels.

Taking it a step further our energy level is affected by others and our energy affects others.  This leaves us with a big choice. We can go through life unconscious and become a product of the energy levels around us or we can choose to become conscious and raise our own energy level.

Today, I am not going to dig into how you can change your energy level but assume you probably get the differences I am talking about.  Generally speaking lower energy means negative thoughts and actions and higher energy is positive thoughts and actions.  Instead, I want to share a story that demonstrates exactly how powerful the effects of energy can be.

Last week as I was preparing for my Ignite Speech I asked my wife to listen to me practicing.  I have a two and a half year old daughter who by default was also in the “audience” during my practice speech.  I really pushed myself to practice full out as if I were speaking to the 400-500 person audience that was expected at Ignite Cincinnati.

At first it was rather comical speaking so passionately to two people but interestingly my daughter laughed at my jokes in the appropriate places.  As you can imagine a two year old’s language skills are just developing.  She might understand my words but the references to Oprah and Napoleon Dynamite would not be something she would inherently get.

I practiced some more on subsequent nights and shared with my wife our daughter’s hyped up response was helping me in case I might have to talk over a crowd that might be socializing.  I kind of reminded me of my days in Marine Corps Boot-camp where they created chaotic situations and you had to perform as if nothing was going on around you.  My daughter was laughing at me and screaming with excitement.

I later had an interesting insight.  I was thinking about my daughter and her response to my speech.  I had discounted her excitement but quite possibly I was the one still developing my language skills.  My thought was my daughter may have not understood my verbal references but she completely understood my energetic language.  She actually understood exactly what I was trying to convey but on an energetic level.

I share this story with you as you might begin your journey into public speaking.  Toastmasters and other public speaking forums do a great job of covering the nuts and bolts of speaking but not many programs cover the energetic aspects of speaking.

Next time you are speaking in front of a crowd or even just an individual check your energy level.  How are you affecting your audience?

My Ignite Speech – “Bring Yourself to Work Day, The World Needs the Real You” begins at the 33 minute mark.  Let me know if my energy affects you.

Be sure to watch the other speeches as well, great entertainment and inspiration.



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