Sometimes its easy to lose track of the meaning of words through context.

Recently, I was sharing a conversation with a co-worker and he mentioned the word courage and encourage in close proximity.  So often when I hear the word encourage I think of lifting someones spirits or creating positive feelings.  Rarely do I think of courage.  Interestingly, my life’s mission to to cultivate passion and inspire courage.  I am thinking I could simplify my mission is “to EnCOURAGE.”


Miriam – Webster Definition of Encourage:

a : to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope : hearten <she was encouraged to continue by her early success> b : to attempt to persuade : urge <they encouraged him to go back to school>
: to spur on : stimulate <warm weather encourages plant growth>
: to give help or patronage to : foster <government grants designed to encourage conservation>
en·cour·ag·er noun


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