Destination Passion

Last week I had the honor to interview my dear old Dad about his path and his views on passion.  Being the smart “arse” that he is he won’t mind the “old” jab, but kidding aside, my Dad had some great insights when it comes to passion.

I have referenced my Dad – Mike Monahan in numerous posts but for my new readers, my father has been teaching Personal Growth Seminars for over 15 years.  His path is an unlikely one with a poor upbringing, limited education and a career on the opposite end of the personal growth spectrum.  He transitioned from Pipefitter (construction trade), to Executive Director for Life Success Seminars and later their Basic seminar facilitator.

I have done a little career research and I have found no documentation on bridging the gap between Pipefitting and Personal Growth Guru.

I can say that is probably the case for most great success stories.  There is not documentation out there to bridge the gap between your reality and your dreams.

I have learned that Passion often can serve as that bridge.

I must be honest last week when I was interviewing my Dad, I was not expecting to learn anything new during the teleconference.  I was pretty focused on sharing a little information for my upcoming Personal Passion Project teleclass series and hoping to inspire those who joined the call with my Dad’s story.

I hadn’t even considered theremight be something for me to learn during the interview.

My final question for my Dad (excuse my Dad instead of Father reference Dad feels more loving and personal); “What have your learned about Passion, teaching at Life Success Seminars over the last 15 years?”

His answer heavily paraphrased, “most people want to start out with the “Big Show”, and skip the “Little Show” available today.”  Meaning often times people skip over the daily opportunities to engage in their passion and dreams and the “Big Show” never arrives.  Passion is not somewhere to arrive but something to engage and integrate.

Over the next few months I am going to be digging deeper into the topic of Passion.  I hope you can join my class starting on August 4th.  Event Details Click Here

If you are not interested in the class just put your blinders on and ignore my promotion and enjoy the content and insights I am gathering about Passion.

If you are interested in listening to the full Introduction to the Personal Passion Project and Interview with Mike Monahan you can visit

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