“Day Job” The Dirtiest Words in the Blogosphere

If it wasn’t for my Day Job!

Dirty Words

Dirty Words

Lets face it.  You probably have a “Day Job” and yes I have one too. I bet you have dreamed about a new and better job.  You know one of those hip and fun jobs like:

Personal Coach, Massage Therapist, Blogger, Writer, Author, Secret Shopper, Travel Writer and Independent Business Owner (i.e. Multi Level Marketing) to name a few.

In fact you might not even call these “jobs” because “a job” is almost a dirty word these days.  Having “a job” is so “Industrial Revolution.”  I don’t have anything against these cool jobs…lets call them “Lifestyle Careers.”  In fact I claimed one of them in my resume and my taxes.  I was a personal coach for three years and it gives me great contrast for what I am about to share.  It was a great career but in the end.  I still needed a job.

The Day Job as defined by Miriam Websters: one’s regular employment as contrasted with an occasional, secondary, or coveted job.

The Day Job as Defined by Brian Monahan: the economic, professional and spiritual endowment from which you will draw upon during the journey to your dreams.

Do you see some contrast between the two definitions.  I know you might think I am going all Norman Vincent Peale on you but yes there is some Power in Positive Thinking.  Maybe your Day Job is not all that bad.  So far my Day Job is paying for 2 cars, my home, my education, my clothes on my back, the food in my mouth and the web hosting for this blog.

I want to make something clear.  I do have dreams for a lifestyle career.  My dream is to be a best selling author & keynote speaker with a huge blog readership.  I bet you have dreams too.  The truth is most of you need a “Day Job” to finance your dreams but the financing might just be the tip of the iceberg.  Your day job has many other resources that can be mined or drawn upon.

The question you need to ask yourself, “Will I curse my “Day Job” or maximize it’s Return on Investment?

If your chose “curse” I recommend the movie “Ground Hogs Day” which is a great representation of the traditional view of a “Day Job.”

Otherwise, choice two is the only real option for dreamers.  Maximize your Return on Investment.

Return on Investment brings us back to the word endowment.  An endowment defined in terms of gifted funds which are invested for a charitable organization to operate and fulfill its mission.  You can equate an organizations mission as being the same thing as you fulfilling your dreams.

If you have not gotten it yet.  Your “Day Job” is a great thing.  It’s a Gift. It is your buddy.  It is your friend.  You want it.  You need it.  It has tremendous value.  It is the vehicle for your dreams.  Embrace it. Hug it.  Buy it flowers.

10 Strategies for Maximizing your R.O.I. at your Day Job.

  1. Live vicariously through your day job.  Find the common ground between work and your dreams.
  2. Network & Connect your connections you take with you.
  3. Save Capital for your dreams.  Create a slush fund for your side business or personal interests.
  4. Build Your Resume.  You’re putting in the time anyway, you might as well build your list of accomplishments on the job.
  5. Create your ideal job where you work now.  You are already on the payroll.
  6. Maximize your retirement savings.
  7. Request a vested interest in your company.  Ownership has it privileges.
  8. Enjoy it.
  9. Mentor others.  When I am helping others it is hard for me to have ill will and be disgruntled.
  10. Prepare for the Departure.

The biggest reason people feel trapped in their day job is no departure plan.  Create your plan, do the work, make the best of it.

When the timing is right make the change.  Instead of jumping off the disgruntled cliff of your Day Job your new career might find you.

Nothing fancy here.  Just a shift in thinking.

5 Responses to ““Day Job” The Dirtiest Words in the Blogosphere”

  1. Will says:

    Thank you so much, Brian!!!

  2. Will,

    I definately agree it is not a bad thing. As with everything in life you either can make life and opportunity or a challenge.

    sometimes it is hard to flip the switch to see things in a different light but yes a Day job can be a good or bad thing.

    Lately it just has become a bit of Negative Connotation.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    For my regular readers stop by Will’s blog it is good reading.


  3. Will says:


    I don’t think that having a day job is automatically wrong. The word “Day Job” was turned into a symbol for everything bad in the working environment.

    I worked as a financial adviser in a bank and I HATED IT. It sucked every little piece of energy out of me. After I had the money together to start with university again(which is not really expensive in Austria, since there are no tuition fees)I quit it. This was such a great relief. Now I have lots of time to work on my writing and I get an education which will help me to achieve my goals.


  4. Daniel,

    I will take a look at that one.

    thanks for the lead.


  5. Brian,

    This post reminds me of the book I’ve been reading by Marci Alboher called “One Person/Multiple Careers”. One thing she points out is that slashes can help reinvigorate one another. Interesting read.