Contribute Courtesy – Guest Post

Thanks to Richard Terpening for being the very first guest post on Expert in the Rough.  Read on.

What can I contribute to Society?

-Make a contribution to my favorite organization.
-Donate things I no longer need to the local mission.
-Donate blood
-Volunteer my time to the community.

After a trip to my local shopping center, I discovered a simple suggestion.

Contribute Courtesy

An effective display of this conduct is to simply smile. A simple smile can change attitudes. A simple smile can create a pleasant day.

So I will simply end this with a simple :)

-Richard Terpening

Richard is the author of “Literature of a Liberated Runner”


What do you think about while you’re running? Literature of a Liberated Runner is the Literature of my Long runs. When I am out running I am free from distress. I have a clear mind that explores concepts that I am never consciously aware of. I become a child, a poet, a soldier, a saint, and I find myself in different adventures and with new ideas. I also have the ability to think clearly about issues that need to be resolved. This is a book of essays, poems, and short stories that I created during my long runs.

You can purchase his book on Lulu by clicking here.

I have not read his book yet but I am going to download it today.  I am very excited since my blogging spark began when I started writing my blog Running Revelations.

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