Confused About Your Passion?

Are you confused about your passion?

If this is you, I have some interesting insights for you today.

First you are not confused but afraid.  Afraid to admit your real goal or real dream.

I know that is pretty arrogant of me to tell you that you are not confused and I am OK with that.

Start here, If money and time were not an issue what would you do?

But time and money are an issue…just answer the question?

I know your dream is not realistic and you won’t be able to make enough money at it.  I know you don’t have the qualifications, the resources…you name it.

So, this is where the fear comes in.  You don’t even want to admit your dream or goal because deep down inside you think you can’t have it or you are not worthy of it.  You are not confused but afraid.  If you admit your goal or dream and do not find a way to make it happen you might have to face disappointment.

So, you go to “Plan B, Option 2 and/or Something Reasonable,” and you are now confused because these options do not light you up.  I mean fire you up, I mean ignite your soul and spark enthusiasm.

Of course they don’t because they are not your passion or BIG FAT audacious goal.

Confused, Afraid or Passionate?

Which will you choose?



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