Confess and Unleash, The Secret Power of Acknowledging Your Dreams

I should be paying you. I mean, I learn so much from coaching my clients and my blog readers, I am grateful for what I learn during the coaching process. (In lieu of money I do offer quantum leaps for life and business).

Being in the early phase of my business I am doing a lot of “Strategy & Focus” sessions with prospective clients.  I have been noticing a very interesting trend. I am learning that people are flat out afraid to admit or acknowledge their dreams. They usually come to the session with a list of “reasonable” and “linear” goals but the real dream is hidden under the surface.

Imagine instead of me doing a coaching session I am really doing an “investigation.” You know the setting; dingy rooms, a single light bulb hanging over a table, two chairs on either side, just you and me and you have a dream inside but you’re not going to share the real one.  That one has been beat down by life.

You haven’t committed a crime on humanity but on yourself.  Your dream is worthy but life has beaten it down…and you down.  As I ask you questions about your dreams, desires and aspirations it starts to leak out.  As you share your story you realize “YOUR” facts do not match up.  I take you for your word but that little voice inside you, your soul starts whispering, “remember you always wanted to start your own business or you have an idea to change the world.”  Then your soul begins to scream, it knows this might be its only chance to be set free.

Your reasonable mind starts to freak. I offer you a cigarette, (Old School Coaching Technique :) ) and you start to calm.  You think you can hide your dream but secretly you are hoping I drag it out of you.  We all secretly wish someone would believe in our dream.  If anyone would just acknowledge your dream then you might have the “EVIDENCE” you need to believe in your dream.

You can’t take it anymore and you blurt it out, “I HAVE A DREAM!”…and I always wanted to insert your dream here                           , but I don’t have enough insert your reason here .  Your conscious can’t take it anymore, you are living a lie.  You know there is more to life than the excuses and reasons you have settled for.

30 Second Commercial Break:

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Back To the Show:

To Be Continued…Just like TV.

  • Is your life on hold to be continued?
  • When will be the right time for you to acknowledge your dreams?
  • If not now, when?

I have a motto…Life is Short!

There are 4 important phases to living your dreams.

1) Inspiration (It’s not always a lightning bolt but a notion of positive energy)

2) Acknowledging your Inspiration (confessing)

3) Committing to your Inspiration (Be accountable to yourself and others)

4) Living and Loving your life. (Being the Change, Inspiring Others)

Step 2 is where most people get stuck.

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