Coach Me Not…Coach Me!

I LOVE A GOOD MIND GAME, and I can’t believe you are playing along.

Seriously, why in the world are you clicking this silly “Coach Me Not! Button,” I know you can’t help yourself, its like a wreck on the other side of the highway.  You don’t want to look but you can’t help yourself.

Unless you have emailed me for your Complimentary Coaching Session, I am seriously wondering what you are doing here at the “Coach Me Not” page.

Yes, I know you can see right through me. The “Complimentary Coaching Session” is just a code name for “Sales Pitch” and you are right.

Unfortunately, the sales pitch you are missing out on is “Your Dreams, Your Aspirations and Your Greatness.” When is the last time you had an all out conversation with someone who’s sole goal is to believe in you and your dream.  Wouldn’t is be fun just to take a moment in time and dream, explore and adventure.

Here is the deal.  You might think that I don’t know who is reading my blog and newsletter.  That might be the case for a few of you but most of my readers are friends, business associates, coworkers and people in my everyday network.

You trust me, you like me and I am wondering why you have not taken me up on this fabulous offer to explore your dreams.

YES! I will be trying to sell you…ON YOUR DREAMS!

YES! The Complimentary Coaching Session is meant for you, and most especially you if you are still reading.

YES! Sometimes in life you get a second chance.  I can’t tell if you clicked the “Coach Me Not! Button.”

YES! In life there are risks and rewards.

YES! I believe in you!

Coach Me Not…Coach Me!

It’s the Choice of a Lifetime!


Click Here, If You ARE ready to live the live of your dreams.