Clean Sweep – Building Momentum

STOP Right Now and write down one thing that is nagging you!

Have you written it down yet?  I am not going to move forward until you write it down.

OK, now write down one thing that is nagging you that can be fixed within the next 24 hours.   This could be dirty dishes, paying bills, a phone call to Mom.  You get the picture.  The key is you must be able to complete it in the next 24 hours.

I am going to let you continue reading only if you promise you will complete this item within the next twenty four  hours.  Otherwise, come back when you are ready.

In 2001, I when I was training to become a Personal Life Coach, I was introduced to this simple but effective assessment called the “Clean Sweep Program.”  It’s 100 items broken up into 4 categories including physical environment, health/emotional balance, money and relationships.  The goal of the program is to clean up loose ends and lighten your life increasing energy and balance.

In starting my blog Expert in the Rough, I have found when I have lots of loose ends it is hard to write.  I think anytime you are trying to make a transition in your life the negative loose ends are like the parachute on a drag racer, it slows you down.  Your goal is to eliminate that drag.

Your Momentum Monday Exercise is two fold:

Take take the Clean Sweep Assessment.  You can download a pdf copy by clicking here.

Second to complete your 24 hour assignment.  Feel free to use the assessment to come up with other items.

Note: Not all items are going to be applicable to all people. If you feel something is unrelated cross it out and add your own.  It’s the spirit of the assessment not the items listed.

Use this tool anytime you feel stuck.  I think it’s good to take the assessment quarterly and check your progress.  I will be sharing some more advanced assessments in the future but have at this one.  It can be a very powerful tool to create momentum in your life.

2 Responses to “Clean Sweep – Building Momentum”

  1. Jason,

    Its physics a body in motion tends to stay in motion. An object at rest tends to stay at rest.

    Have fun, there are some fun ones on the list.



  2. Jason Bayer says:

    Brian, I really like this exercise… I’ve been struggling recently with getting little things off my to-do list. So, I’m going to d/l this assessment and work through it. I need to keep building that momentum so thanks for this Momentum Monday post! All the Best!

    Jason Bayer