Buy a Rubber Duck, Feed The Hungry, Win a Car!

Rubber Duck Regatta

Buy a Rubber Duck, Feed The Hungry, Win a Car!

Make a Difference in the World!

Direct and to the Point Request:

Getting to the Point – I just spent some time at the Freestore Foodbank in Cincinnati learning about how they feed the hungry.  It is my hope that you will take the time to visit their website and help them feed the hungry. – The Upcoming Rubber Duck Regatta is the easiest way you can contribute in the short term.

Long Version:

A few years ago I stumbled onto the “Cincinnati Battle of the Blogs.”  I am not sure it was a formal battle but it involved blogs and I have more than my fair share of them. The premise of the “Battle” was a challenge to raise the most money for the Freestore Foodbank.  I decided to jump in and see what I could do.

A friend who worked for Local 12 at the time, shared the idea with their news director and they added my link on the Local 12 website to my blog Expert in the Rough, this led to some nice awareness of the “Battle.”

If you didn’t know it the Freestore Foodbank distributes over 12 million pounds of food annually and is on pace for 16 million pounds in 2010 (Fiscal Year 2010-2011) and to be quite honest they are probably only scratching the surface of the real need.

Over the last few years I have continued to learn more about the FSFB and have begun to fall in love with their mission.

In 2009 for my birthday, you might recall I shared my “Service Made Simple” blog post about my Birthday Cornhole Tournament.  I think we donated some serious corn to the FSFB in 2009.

Moving forward, I have added various links to the blog to help promote the cause.

Just last week the Freestore invited me down for a tour with a crowd of fellow bloggers and “Freestore Groupies.”

I must admit the experience was very enlightening.  People are going hungry in Cincinnati and abroad.  Most disturbing many of them are children who have no options to change their situation.

Some quick facts; the Freestore Foodbank provides over 2500 “Power Pack” meals every weekend during the school year to children at schools with 85% of students are enrolled in free or reduced lunch programs. (Lunch Programs Administered by the Public School System in Cincinnati and NKY)  That is 85% of the students requiring assistance with meals.  85 out of 100 students are in need.  What about the schools with 84 of 100 students in need or 75 or even 25 out of 100 students in need.  Children are going hungry every day and every week.  I was startled that this program is only hitting around 50+ schools in the region.

I am not here to guilt you but share some facts and figures.  I know I have a very generous readership and everyone has their pet projects.  I know these figures have changed my commitment to making a difference for those who are hungry.

This leads to why they asked my down in the first place.  They have their annual Rubber Duck Regatta at the WEBN Riverfest Fireworks on Labor Day Weekend.  Their goal is 125,000 rubber ducks dumped into the Ohio River with a race to the finish.  The purchaser of the winning duck will win a Honda Fit Car and a possible $1,000,000 dollars if their duck also has one of the special Kemba Credit Union Stickers placed on 1 out of every 3000 ducks sold.  The kicker is should that winning duck have the Kemba sticker the FSFB will win a million dollars as well.

I just love this promotion.  Ducks are $5 each or 6 for $25.  I have my 6 entered in the race.  I already plan to sell my wife’s Toyota Corolla next week when we win the car.

I hope you will dive in and join the Regatta.  FYI, all monies raised from the sale of the duck go straight to the benefit of feeding the hungry.  The event sponsors have paid for costs related to putting on the event.  That means $500,000+ can provide for over 2 million meals for the hungry.

Just visit their site.  They say it better than me.


Pictures from the visit:

$25 Food for a Week

Sea of Duckies

2 Responses to “Buy a Rubber Duck, Feed The Hungry, Win a Car!”

  1. Larry Pauly says:

    Brian: terrific post, many thanks. I work with kathy Greenberg, your tour guide past week. We are all amazed at the responses from bloggers. You all seem to have gotten the message-on target and correct! Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, call us here. My number is 482-7099.