Broken Commitments Rock

I absolutely love when my clients break their commitments!

Do you break your commitments?  Do you even make commitments?

Seriously, Broken Commitments Rock! I have a feeling you think I am yanking your chain but I am not.

As a coach I have an arsenal of tools and processes to help my clients create the life they want.  One of the most basic tools in my tool bag is “Accountability” and to be honest it’s overrated.   I think the real power in the coaching process is creating better “Commitments.”

Most people see the coaching process as make a commitment, execute the commitment and coach verify the commitment is executed but there are other steps to consider.

  • Was the commitment in alignment with my values?
  • Is my life set up in a way that I can keep this commitment?
  • Did I have the resources needed to keep the commitment?
  • Are there other commitments or steps that must be taken before I execute this commitment?
  • Was this a “should” commitment versus a “want or need” commitment

The truth is the reason people break commitments is they are making bad or wrong commitments.  When I say “Bad or Wrong” I am not coming from a place of judgement but objectivity.  Objectivity is where the power of a coach or outside adviser can significantly impact the success of your commitment.  It is often hard for us to be objective with our own commitments but an independent but invested partner can provide the objectivity we need to create better commitments.

Seriously, I do love when my clients break their commitments!

Here are the reasons why I love broken commitments.

  • Most people don’t take the time to consciously make commitments, they go through the motions of life unconscious of their dreams, goals and objectives…congrats to them for making commitments.
  • By making a commitment it provides much needed data to make better commitments.  You need an input to get feedback.
  • Commitments are a sign of being engaged in your dreams, whats not to love about people being engaged in their dreams.
  • It takes courage to put your word on the line.

“I would rather die standing than live on my knees!”-Emiliano Zapata

Photo Credit – Zsuzsanna Kilian

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