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A Book, a Movie,a DVD and  a Museum, I hope you enjoy!

A Book

Ignore Everybody and buy this book.  Hugh MacLeod the artist behind the Gaping Void “cartoons on the back of business cards” takes his stab at how to be creative.  I find the book more of a manifesto for those who are following their dreams.  This book is a fast read.  If you don’t mind reading online you can see the online version by visiting his site.  Click Here.

Or you can buy it on Amazon:

A Movie

500 Days of Summer is a fun chick flick but hotty Zooey Deschanel will save your “Man Card” if you decide to go this one alone.  If your a chick you get a free pass on this one, that’s why they call them chick flicks.


The Great Buck Howard is a light hearted movie about “Buck Howard” played by John Malkovich, a mentalist (not a magician) and performer who has lost his luster.  His comeback is launched in Cincinnati, which is a fun movie twist for this Cincinnati native as he performs his biggest feat ever, hypnotizing hundreds of people.  His comeback is almost foiled by Cincinnati’s favorite son Jerry Springer.  Rent it, don’t buy it.

A Museum

The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati, OH  is a one of a kind experience.  Tod Swormstedt, former editor and publisher of Signs of the Times magazine, as his self-proclaimed mid-life crisis project. It began as an idea, with no collection.  He has well surpassed the no collection status.  He currently has hundreds of signs on display.  From Big Boy to Earl Scheib he has some of the country’s most recognizable icons as well as one of a kind historic signs.  Neon and flashing lights are the backdrop for this museum.  You may want to bring your sun glasses.

Sign Museum

$10 admission is a bargain, I recommend you visit during a tour time.

More Information Click Here.


Some of my links include affiliate links. I could make a small commission on your purchase, however, to date I have only made around $10 with this strategy. Not quite a living but as Expert in the Rough grows it readership affiliate links might just cover my costs of hosting this blog. A man can dream, can’t he?

I hope you enjoy the links.

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